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When installing the DNS Manager system, the installer automatically unpacks a group of .xsd and .wsdl files in the folder below:


These files define the methods available that can be performed through the web service.

File structures

Third-party application developer must be aware of the content of these files in order to determine the proper request and response package format.

XSD file structure

The structure of the .xsd files is the following:

  • dnsmanagerservice.wsdl- describes the interface of the web service, including all the web services available.
  • HeaderData.xsd - defines the data that must be included in the SOAP header. This data will be used by the web service for authentication purposes.

Schema structure

The operations supported by the DNS Manager SystemAPI involve two entities:

For each entity, DNS Manager SystemAPI uses the following schema:

  • Messages.xsd – Defines the requests that can be sent by the third-party application and the responses that will be received from the web service as a result.
  • MessagesInfo.xsd – Defines the response types that can be received from the web server.

  • Data.xsd – Defines the data that must be provided for requests such as add or edit and the data that is received as a result of a get {DNS_entity} request.

SystemAPI Services

Here are the services included in the DNS Manager SystemAPI:

  • Clients - Client account management: manage clients and get account information;
  • DNS zones - DNS zone management: allows to manage DNS zones, zone records or zone transfer to another IP, get DNS templates, manage remote update locations, change SOA records, etc.;
  • System - Allows you to check the current schema versions available on the server;
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