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About Invoices

An invoice is a commercial document issued by the seller to the customer, indicating all the details of the transaction between parties. It is a fiscal proof showing that the customer has payment obligations to the seller for the items (s)he has bought.

An invoice is generated for every order placed on the online store or directly in VoipNow Automation, as well as for all the other actions which imply money transactions. For every transaction that takes place between a gateway and a payment plug-in, a payment log is generated to keep a record of the details of that particular transaction.

The Invoices area displays a list of the invoices issued for customer accounts. You can view the invoice details by clicking the invoice number or you can edit the customer account billing details by clicking the link available in the Billing customer account column. The Advanced Search controls allow you to query the database for specific invoices. Also, if you want to manage an invoice payment, refund or cancellation, you need to click the Choose link.

Get Help

If you still have trouble in handling invoices, do not hesitate to ask for advice and follow VoipNow administrators in the GetSatisfaction community.

If you need more help, our expert engineers are waiting for you in the 4PSA Support Zone.

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