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About Provisioning

This area offers you an overview of all the clouds technologies available in the system.

Clouds are entities that are used in store item creation. Each cloud defines an item family, specific to that cloud technology, whose items can be designed using the provisioning templates. Currently, VoipNow Automation supports only one cloud technology, VoipNow account. Using this cloud technology, you can configure all the components, like accounts, charging plans, time intervals or free minutes packages, required to provide VoipNow services.

A cloud technology is structured so that it contains all the resources required by a specific platform to function. These resources represent the configurable templates.

To access the Provisioning Clouds page, you must navigate to Setup System Provisioning. To access the page, click on Setup in the left Navigation panel and access the Provisioning page in the System section.

Get Help

If you still have trouble in managing the cloud technology, do not hesitate to ask for advice and follow VoipNow administrators in the GetSatisfaction community.

If you need more help, our expert engineers are waiting for you in the 4PSA Support Zone.

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