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This document contains all the changes performed in VoipNow 5.5.5.

Important Notes

Deprecating Notice

Please read VoipNow Deprecating Notice before going further.

Before Upgrade

Upgrade from VoipNow version < 5.0.0

This upgrade is not supported. Please upgrade first to VoipNow 5.2.5 or a later version.

Upgrade from VoipNow version > 5.0.0

No special instructions should be followed.


In order to install or upgrade to VoipNow 5.5.5, please use this installer:

This script can upgrade from VoipNow 5.x versions.

Limited Release Notes

The current release notes contain only the changes that in our opinion might affect existing VoipNow customers.

Features Enhancement Resolved

VoipNow 5.5.5 Release 2021.3

TypeDetailsSupport Zone IDJIRA Ticket ID

New build system and release versioning.

According to the new release algorithm, VoipNow 5.5.5 carries the 2021 Q3 release stamp.


Added support for AlmaLinux OS 8.4. Revalidated compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

Support for CentOS 7 and CentOS 8 will cease on December 31st, 2021 as the operating systems will become EOL. Direct upgrade from CentOS 8 to both AlmaLinux OS 8 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux is available.


Open Source stack upgrades and security backports. 

Improved the Web Management interface and APIs volume load performance between 10x and 50x, depending on the load characteristics. 

Improved the Web Management interface and APIs latency between 2x and 5x, depending on the the service. 

Added L2/L3 PIKE checks in SIP Server on invalid user authentication.GDV-917264HG-65493

Improved performance of Web Management interface audit log.

Password change time is recorded.-HG-67594

Log extension number if call fails on second leg. UCK-109780HG-64545

Web management interface improvements.-HG-68422

Unify call events emitted for a call by using a unique, per call immutable identifier.

Fixed hardcoded protocol schema in fax email notification.

Multiple password processing improvements, chars < and > are no longer supported in account password.DXE-788183HG-68595

Fixed incoming faxes on CentOS 8.SHK-652075HG-65688

Fixed possible PBX Server lock in Conference application.TYR-351446 TVH-391476 HXQ-372800 YBJ-111254 KII-711224 WOX-913328 FYY-575861


Mitigate the effects of  CVE-2020-29573 .

Fixed SIP Server possible crash when PIKE is active and L2 is engaged.-HG-65900

Fixed inconsistent state in messaging engine after startup error.-HG-66003

Fixed SIP SDP address in case of SIP forking in Public/Private deployments.HJH-371547HG-65990

Fixed SIP contact being set to private IP in replies to SUBSCRIBE on TCP.KYU-975441HG-65965

Fixed installer issues with EPEL repository.LOW-406806HG-66002

Fixed move organization between service providers.MAV-831919HG-65115

Fixed revoking tokens for applications that have underscore in name.-HG-66042

Allow reordering of incoming call rules without specifying any rule ID in SystemAPI EditCallRulesIn method. JKH-182557HG-66249

Fixed cleanup when extension separator is a digit.OMS-336024HG-66290

Avoid SIP Server possible crash by unblocking all signals on startup.AutoreporterHG-65718

Correctly dispatch hang-up call event for calls with transfers.


Fixed From in Recorded Calls for calls recorded on queues with "Preserve original CallerID on transferred calls" enabled.AIZ-796817 HSG-283591HG-31017

Fixed undisclosed security issues discovered in internal audit.-HG-65715

Fixed SIP BLF for multiple concurrent calls.WBB-498717, RJR-511090HG-26831

Replaced OpenSSL with libsodium for random number generation.RGF-332594 MFT-893699HG-66978

Fixed Hubring keys cleanup when user is removed.-HG-27758

Fixed web log warnings caused by PHP uninitialized arrays.-HG-68509

Fixed account expiration processing on Service Provider level accounts.

Fixed password auto generation checkbox when billing is disabledLCZ-933150HG-65537

Fixed log rotation for HTTP Server.YKV-600288HG-68453

Fixed double decrement of organization quota when a non active user is deleted.-HG-68496

Fixed callerID preferences update on queue when authenticated user does not have permission to manage callerIDDKM-968972HG-68750

Fixed several invalid memory access bugs in PBX Server applications.-HG-68747

Fixed error in SQL update when extension is converted from IP based.



Fixed use after free on invalid ICR transfer/cascade target.Autoreporter,XRC-720490HG-67107

Fixed SIP Server possible crash caused by expired subscription transaction on shutdown.AutoreporterHG-67033

Don't run exit handlers in SIP Server child processes to play nicely with third party libraries.


Fixed possible PBX crash caused by invalid memory read while updating billing data.


Fixed possible SIP Server crash caused by malformed From headers in SUBSCRIBE messages received from fixed IP extensions.

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