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  1. Troubleshooting incoming calls when the server is behind NAT

    is not destined to the called server. STEP 3: Analyze the SIP server log. #tail -f /var/log/kamailio/kamailio.log Jun 21 07:56:24 localhost /usr/sbin/kamailio[4122]: DEBUG: Incoming request is not destined to the register server. Jun 21 07:56:26 localhost /usr/sbin/kamailio[4118]: DEBUG: Incoming request
    4PSA Knowledge BaseDec 07, 2017
  2. Location and configuration files for VoipNow logs

    , maximum 7) Kamailio The Kamailio log is useful in case you have problems with calls, registration or any other call-related issue, except for audio issues. You can find the log here:  /var/log/kamailio/kamailio.log Configuration The configuration file is in /etc/kamailio/kamailio.cfg debug=-1 facility_sql
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  3. Where can I find the VoipNow certificates

    details in /etc/voipnow/certs/http.pem. This folder also contains certificates for Kamailio and Asterisk. The Kamailio certificate is used in case TLS transport
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  4. About VoipNow Services

    This page describes the VoipNow services available on your server. Kamailio The main purpose of this service is to receive and send calls from your server. If this service does not work, no calls will be possible on your server. Kamailio log messages are stored in the /var/log/kamailio/kamailio.log file
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  5. How to check if an extension is registered

    Applies to VoipNow 3 and higher! VoipNow uses Kamailio for the extension registration process. However, you can also use the sip show peers Asterisk command …  command will not provide any information on registered extensions! Kamailio stores the information about the registered extensions in Hubring. To find out
    4PSA Knowledge BaseDec 07, 2017
  6. How to use Homer capture agents with VoipNow

    it, simply mirror the VoipNow port to the Capture Node port. Then edit the Kamailio config file to receive these packets. Here is an example of the Kamailio … and the non-commented mirroring ones.  #!KAMAILIO # # Example configuration file for a sipcapture node # ####### Global Parameters definitions ######### # # Please
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  7. How to decode SIP over TLS with Wireshark

    . The call can have legs over TLS, UDP or TCP. Also, the ports can be 5060 or 5061 for Kamailio or 5050 for Asterisk. To capture all of them, run the following … , you won't be able to decrypt the capture. Decode TLS First you need the private key used by Kamailio. On VoipNow 3.5, you can find it in /etc/voipnow/certs
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  8. How to debug incoming calls

    might be caused by the Kamailio service. For helpful hints, you have to take a look at the Kamailio log: Log on to the server console and increase the level of the debugging output: kamctl fifo debug 3 At this point, you need to run the following command:  tail -f /var/log/kamailio/kamailio.log Make a call
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  9. Troubleshooting Calls

    to Voicemail. VoipNow uses SIP for the call set-up of internal calls and SIP channels for external calls. Asterisk and Kamailio are in charge with the call set-up … happening, so you'll need continue your investigating using Asterisk and Kamailio logs on that server. Once the investigation is complete, make sure you do
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  10. Set SIP Preferences

    . If a new SIP request arrives from a customer and is sent to an IP/hostname that is not the Kamailio server IP or the Kamailio server logical address, it will only
    VoipNow ManagementJun 22, 2020