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  1. Set Monitoring Preferences

    function without it. SIP Role monitoring Administrator is notified by email when Kamailio server is down. HubRing Distributed Database Role monitoring
    VoipNow ManagementOct 09, 2017
  2. How to prevent frauds using SIP devices against VoipNow Use Pike to detect abnormal traffic Restrict
    4PSA Knowledge BaseDec 07, 2017
  3. Configuration File Variables

    of the Kamailio server handling the voicemail messages. <!KAMAILIO_SERVER_PORT!>: Replaced with the port of the Kamailio server handling the voicemail
    VoipNow ManagementJan 09, 2018
  4. Troubleshooting fax calls

    Professional nodes (Asterisk-Kamailio), call legs between Kamailio and fax devices. Check for clock slips on digital T1/E1 in case a span is incorrectly
    4PSA Knowledge BaseDec 07, 2017
  5. Belcentrale

    Core setup with a total of 6 servers: 3 worker servers running Asterisk and 3 gateway servers running Kamailio. They have recently upgraded to VoipNow 3 and have
    Marketing and SolutionsJun 22, 2015
  6. How to set up your Hubgets server, organizations and users .    Please keep in mind that you need to update at least the certificates for Kamailio … All the changes you've made will only take place if you restart services using the commands below:  service kamailio restart service php-fpm restart service
    VoipNow ManagementOct 13, 2017
  7. DataChannel API Example

    . SIP_NOTIFICATIONS 1 Restart Kamailio after enabling notifications. How to run the example above To connect to the DataChannel API, you need to run
    VoipNow for DevelopersFeb 05, 2018
  8. Troubleshooting fax issues

    properly with a BYE, followed by a 200 OK message. Otherwise, you might get stuck calls in Kamailio. Related articles fax troubleshooting t38 g711 tcpdump kb-how
    4PSA Knowledge BaseFeb 24, 2018
  9. VoipNow 3.0.4

    cancel loop in Kamailio when caller sent Cancel before 180 Ringing. - VNP-49123 minus.png Fixed call flows list so that Service Providers without
    VoipNow ManagementDec 06, 2016
  10. VoipNow 3.0.5

    minus.png Added better log messages in Kamailio for usrloc and presence. - VNP-49514 minus.png Fixed broken contact header sent by Kamailio toward caller in Public/Private setup. BNH-608233 VNP-49794 minus.png Fixed incorrect Privacy Header. CIW-660512 VNP-49814 minus.png Fixed some Kamailio
    VoipNow ManagementDec 06, 2016