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With these options you can set up behaviors for certain conference related actions.

  • Play sound <folder> <sound> before connecting to conference center: If enabled, you can select the sound that will be played for the caller before he is connected to the extension. A pop-up window listing all the available sounds matching the name specified in the text box is displayed.
    • Listen - Allows you to listen to the message; the sound's total length is displayed as well using the hh:mm:ss format. If you want to download the sound on your hard drive, click the Download icon and confirm your choice.
    • Name - Click the link to select the sound file
    • Folder - The file folder's location. The path will display the folder name and also its origin. "/" placed before the name of a folder signals the current account's default folder. For every "/" added, you go up an account level.
  • Enable music on hold: When enabled, VoipNow plays the files located in the Default music on hold folder if there is only one user present in the conference.
  • Close the conference when all conference moderators exit: When enabled, VoipNow terminates all calls when all the conference moderators log out.
  • Participants should start muted: When enabled, conference participants are muted when join the conference. 
  • Participants should be able to unmute themselves: When enabled, participants are able to unmute themselves.  Use *1 to switch between Mute and Unmute. For more details about conference feature read How to use the Conference features on a Phone terminal extension.
  • Announce user count on joining conference: When enabled, VoipNow announces any new participant about the number of users in the conference call.
  • Announce users joining/leaving: When enabled, VoipNow announces the users about any participant joining or leaving the conference call.
  • Record conference conversations: Select if you want VoipNow to record all your conferences.


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