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TypeDetailsSupport Zone Ticket IDJIRA Ticket ID

Account email should be unique. (warning) As this might affect your installation, please review the VoipNow Upgrades Notes.

 VNP-55355 VNP-55690 VNP-55882
Preparation for Hubgets provisioning in VoipNow.-VNP-52288 VNP-56145
Added support for multiple contacts per extension (SIP forking).-VNP-53704 VNP-55542 VNP-55546 VNP-55547 VNP-55558
Added user management roles (owner, administrator, member).-VNP-56050
Added ICE support (enable/disable) setting on channels.-VNP-54692 VNP-54695 VNP-55359
Added support for php-fpm and Nginx statistics.-VNP-54924 VNP-55134
Added wildcard support in SIP server alias matching.-VNP-55249
Added application layer firewall to SIP server.-VNP-55252
Added support for HTTP Load Balancer.-VNP-55335
First name and last name are split for all account types. Improved management facilities for both fields.-VNP-55405 VNP-55406 VNP-55786
Allow to enable/disable SIP presence and notifications using local.conf configuration directives.-VNP-55427 VNP-55502 VNP-55503 VNP-55508 VNP-55557 VNP-56570
Add media encryption setting for both SDES and DTLS-SRTP.-VNP-55544 VNP-55613
Allow to configure the number of workers for SIP server using local.conf directives.-VNP-55884
Call quality information is indexed.-VNP-56096 VNP-56305
Added support to call extensions while calls are waiting in queue.-VNP-56287
Changed format for voicemails and recordings to mp3.TVO-635660 QCL-719396VNP-53926 VNP-54715 VNP-55342
Improved the security of the password hashing. VNP-55202
Improvements in SIP server DNS cache handling.-VNP-54473
Multiple documentation improvements.-VNP-54651 VNP-55967 VNP-56186 VNP-56293
Clear PHP caches in a less intrusive way, without killing the process.-VNP-55081
Added support for AWS4-HMAC-SHA256 making Amazon S3 implementation compatible with newer Amazon zones.-VNP-55317
Added meta information to VoipNow login page for a nicer preview.-VNP-55429
Handle exceptions for situations when destination storage gets full during backup.-VNP-55484
Added haveged to increase entropy on the servers in order to improve TLS handling.-VNP-55497
Moved SIP server logs to /var/log/kamailio/-VNP-55520
Added challenge for extensions behind NAT when they try to place calls without registering first.-VNP-55539 VNP-55568
Added video support to echo function that can be involved with *52.-VNP-55689
Added PHP configuration for local customizable parameters.-VNP-55723
Improved Intercom voice quality.ZWX-149032VNP-55736
Added Reason header text parameter in CANCEL requests for calls completed elsewhere.-VNP-55768 VNP-55769
Added option to start s3queuegc daemon on any node within a distributed infrastructure.-VNP-55873
Removed requirement to supply voicemail password in phone terminal extension templates.-VNP-55878
Added saveEndDate and saveStartDate as filters in the UnifiedAPI CDRService.VCH-385817VNP-55966
Added partial support for multiple phone languages.-VNP-56162 VNP-56185
Improved sounds quality.-VNP-56201

A Diffie-Hellman group is generated to improve the security of TLS.

Improved usability with no ringing before queue answers call, when call comes from IVR.-VNP-56420
Added X-voipnow-early: callapi header when 183 comes from UnifiedAPI.-VNP-55173
Added support for application/media_control+xml mime type in SIP server.-VNP-55942
Fixed possible issue on subsequent request routing in infrastructures with multiple PBX nodes.YQK-117565VNP-53821
Fixed OPTIONS not being sent properly on NAT infrastructure with SIP server listening on
Fixed CallerID setting on UnifiedAPI transferred calls.PPF-386514VNP-54544
Fixed possible issue with queue agents being considered unavailable.ORD-600277VNP-54699
Fixed ICREXTENSION check.AutoreportVNP-54739
Extensions under a disabled user account are now able to place calls after a database restore.-VNP-54760
Fixed SIP server DNS caching issue.AutoreportVNP-54881
Multiple cosmetic fix to vnbackup.YCH-128419VNP-54898
Fixed multiple reliability issues in PBX engine.Autoreport

VNP-54965 VNP-55188 VNP-55238 VNP-55022 VNP-55301 VNP-55655 VNP-55846
VNP-55334 VNP-55386 VNP-55414 VNP-55487 VNP-55500 VNP-55501 VNP-55752
VNP-56028 VNP-56031 VNP-56032 VNP-56114 VNP-56170 VNP-56199 VNP-56234


EditExtension SystemAPI method no longer requires password.OZJ-847453 AMT-202800VNP-55044
Multiple improvements in password strength algorithm.GSVNP-55112 VNP-55358 VNP-55960

Fixed several SIP server memory leaks.

Fixed guiding messages in SQL node installation script.-VNP-55176
Fixed channel language on queue agents calls.CTV-136672VNP-55214
Fixed exception on SIP server shutdown.-VNP-55224

Allow on demand recording start (*1) for calls that were transferred through IVR.

Fixed setting duplicate codecs on extension configuration.-VNP-55254
Fixed To number in Call Flows.

BBE-280514 OMI-226917 CYQ-495692

DWP-681316 YSF-545710

Multiple improvements to WAF (Web Application Firewall) rules.-VNP-55290
Fixed silence detection in voicemail.-VNP-55291
Fixed possible SQL issue on fresh install.-VNP-55300
Update selinux build to restore context for erts-6.4-VNP-55302
Fixed duplicate channels becoming unavailable because of disabled qualify.-VNP-55314
Fixed multiple SIP server reliability issues.AutoreportVNP-55350 VNP-55351 VNP-55658 VNP-55707 VNP-55862 VNP-55938 VNP-55995
Fixed issue in crash autoreporter script in case.-VNP-55391
Fixed mysql_upgrade issue on upgrades from versions older than 3.0.7.OKP-555951VNP-55399
Fixed possible SQL issue on upgrade of extension_recording table.OKP-555951VNP-55402
PBX no longer sends notification on video detach.AutoreportVNP-55418
Fixed GetOrganizations SystemAPI method to return login data.-VNP-55431
Mark agent's local channel as available after transfer.CHG-161851 MAP-877542 MYB-592153VNP-55437
Fixed remote agents behavior not to remove the caller from the queue when they do not answer.UFM-310742 RDL-232917VNP-55441
Added custom FD_ISSET to PBX to avoid issue with glibc verifying the file descriptor.AutoreportVNP-55456
Fixed issue with concurrent calls being checked for ICR owner instead of ICR target.FKO-817779 OJC-519230 ETE-890300VNP-55494
Fixed not allowing free calls when the charging limit on public calls is set to 0.RAD-776157VNP-55495
Disabled GRUU support in SIP server as it is not supported by some phones.-VNP-55496
Fixed SDP connection IP, in case of API initiated calls over a NAT Infrastructure.JWX-119698 YTY-275400VNP-55525
Changed storage for Force MWI and Extension publish settings.-VNP-55540
Fixed SetProvision SystemAPI method not to change the global provision mac setting.YHB-764870VNP-55548
Fixed SIP notifications publish request IP in multi IP infrastructures.-VNP-55555
Fixed route order and SIP server port in infrastructures behind NAT.MHI-176192VNP-55568 VNP-56430
Workers no longer use IPv6. HVD-491445VNP-55570
Improved SIP server init script reliability.-VNP-55607
Fixed several issues with parking BLF NOTIFY.AUT-771730VNP-55750
Fixed redirect issues that could affect phone provisioning.-VNP-55761
To prevent issues with setting DNS1, DNS2 and DOMAIN from ifcfg-ethx scripts, single-request is not added in resolv.conf on rhel7, only on rhel6 .-VNP-55861
Fixed Hubring hdump export and restore of persistent nondurable keys.-VNP-55876
Postfix configuration file is copied only on the first install.-VNP-55881
Fixed reported number of distributed database slaves.-VNP-55885
Fixed validation on bucket and zone for Amazon S3.-VNP-55887
Node.js process will start only on http and worker role nodes.-VNP-55893
Avoided PBX crash caused by old codec package on upgrade.AutoreportVNP-55987
Fixed parse error for SIP register line in PBX.-VNP-55906
Fixed Exit to operator during queue announcements.BXX-628690VNP-55944
Fixed codec settings for distributed SIP server infrastructure.-VNP-55965
Improved PBX init script reliability.-VNP-56029
Fixed subsequent SIP request (due expired token) being considered a retransmission. -VNP-56036
Added DTLS setup on caller leg in case of 183 early answer.-VNP-56040
Fixed sending RTP to the peer that put the call on hold.-VNP-56044
Added X-voipnow-early: supported in case early ICE is supported on caller.-VNP-56046
Fixed extendedNumber parsing logic in list method of CDRService. Use ext_length parameter from misc.-VNP-56101
Users with empty voicemail passwords are no longer allowed to check their voicemail.-VNP-56121
Fixed queue distribution race by clearing the agent's pending flag if it couldn't be acquired for any reason.BOU-687660 SSR-480431VNP-56154 VNP-56155
Fixed PBX fromdomain usage in channel registration.-VNP-56173
Update SIP server internal state when SIP domain changes.-VNP-56262
Escaped user name in public phone number assignation panel.-VNP-56273
Provisioning file is regenerated only if regenerate option is enabled.UYA-607452


Fixed MWI publish from other SIP producers.-VNP-56413
Fixed upload sounds from independent interface nodes.ZWZ-797977VNP-56431
Fixed possible routing issue in case of missing SIP server private ports.-VNP-56509 VNP-56510
Fixed conference recording to avoid possible deadlock.VCT-208767VNP-56512
Fixed loading 999 eligible phone terminal extensions in add local agent panel.HHK-875961VNP-56532


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