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TypeDetailsSupport Zone IDJIRA Ticket ID

Added support for CentOS 8 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.
This is the last version with support for CentOS 6 / Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, which reached EOL on November 30, 2020.


Added SystemAPI methods for scheduled conferences management.-HG-63641

Added phone provisioning support for Alcatel Lucent Enterprise models H2 and M3.-HG-64970

Updated SystemAPI / DelDevice method to return 'success' or 'failure' in response.FUU-281500


Added System API method UnassignQueueRemoteAgent.MFK-164123HG-28940

Removed Call Now.QUN-812252HG-26987

Fixed call reports SQL query distribution to slave servers.-HG-64070

Update Polycom VVX configuration template.-HG-64176

Changed CallStatus to HANGUP for in Phone Call Events Hangup event.UHQ-651432HG-62510

Multiple updates in the platform Open Source stack.-


Using mariabackup instead of mysqldump in all CLI backup scripts.-HG-65104

Improved security based on internal audit.-HG-65502

Fixed queue agents paused/un-paused for intervals larger than 34 days.SVH-981754HG-62499

Fixed PBX Server deadlock in refresh timers.BOL-835964,

Old files are now visible in web management interface when S3 is configured with obsoleted AWS signature.RZI-305601,

Fixed phone BLF (Busy Lamp Field) for parking.CPX-670116HG-62484

Fixed issue with conference that cannot be called from public phone network.HTA-506607HG-62475

Web interface skins are now correctly used.-HG-62964

Improved error message for invalid phone terminal password.UZX-468991

Removed routing rules prefixes from numbers in Call Recording page.RLU-335817HG-64220

Increased the number of characters accepted for 'transfer to' in ICR.EPY-263679HG-64189

Phone language code now supports ISO 639-1 codes.-HG-63863

Fixed issue when charging plan was removed after edit organization.GCC-451621HG-63301

Fixed typo in UnifiedAPI / ConferenceInvite method.-HG-63701

Increased the number of characters accepted in remote agent phone number field.TFQ-480808HG-62647

Fixed Phone Call Events Answer on incoming call and Answer on outgoing call (by the other party).ZYP-816597HG-63937

Fixed search in Public Phone numbers page.EBG-955522,

Fixed language code validation in Set language to a static value in IVR.-HG-64231

Fixed validation of UnifiedAPI / phoneCallEvents, filterBy parameter.-


Fixed verification of provided crypto lifetime.VKC-190798HG-63327

Fixed voicemail auto-answer on a call that previously exited to operator.EMM-496692HG-26399

Fixed date format in CallStatistics CSV export for daily stats.-HG-25493

New version update check considers the core components only.-HG-34255

Fixed SDP behavior when "m=video" is not present.-HG-20223

Fixed call recording issues when dealing with out of sync audio events.-HG-26952

Fixed voicemail getting the call that should have followed a preceding ICR.IWI-990737, CSQ-323237HG-62765

Fixed call waiting limitation for incoming channel calls.BOS-550094HG-64360

Fixed web management interface UI behavior in Add schedule conference - start hour/end hour-HG-64656

Fixed possible SIP Server crash.AutoreportHG-64553

Fixed call history records for organizations with 10 digits.-HG-64817

Fixed web management interface JS error in user groups search.-HG-64824

Fixed UnifiedAPI conference invite PIN and conference number handling.-HG-64673

Updated fail code in Failed Authentication Attempts.-HG-64825

Added multiple fixes to vnbackup and dbdump.-


CLI scripts use Python 3.x.-HG-65181

Mapped GMT-12:00 to Pacific/Wake in phone provisioning time zones.-HG-65129

Fixed SIP Server Kerberos support warning on TLS init.-HG-65236

Fixed SIP Server crash on invalid TLS configuration.AutoreportHG-62973

Fix log rotation for HTTP server.MNJ-866525HG-65258

MySQL node root credentials are stored for reference in a fixed location .-HG-65528

Fixed CallerID Name when it was set by user.KNB-543174HG-65306

Avoid warnings on non numeric billing identifiers, cosmetic.-HG-65353

Corrected TTL for application authorization code.RYP-177678HG-65499


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