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This page describes how you can set and activate/deactivate incoming call rules on a particular extension.

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VoipNow allows you to filter an extension's incoming calls.

When a caller is trying to reach the extension, VoipNow can perform a set of predefined actions.


Let's assume that, from 9:00 to 17:00, the extension owner is working in another office and is waiting for an important call. All he has to do is define a rule that will transfer all the calls from his personal extension to the one in his new office.

This feature was added to complement the existing *73[ExtensionNumber] phone command that worked only on Transfer type rules. Now you can activate any rule type.

The incoming call rules are designed to allow activation/deactivation from the phone. This is possible due to the key that can be added to the rule from the interface. The key field is used to activate or deactivate a rule by dialing *74[key] from the phone.

Set up incoming call rules

To set up new rules or edit existing ones, access the Incoming Call Rules icon from Extension <extension_name> of User <user_name> page in the interface. For more information on how to set up incoming call rules, see the this area in the VoipNow User Guide.

To set the key, you can either add it or edit the key field in the rule list. If the field is left empty, it will not be possible to activate/deactivate the rule via the phone, but only through the interface.

Screenshot: The Incoming Call Rules table

Toggle status via the phone terminal

Rule activation/deactivation

To activate a rule, dial on your phone *74[Key], where [Key] is the rule's key number. Dial *74[Key] once again to deactivate the rule.

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