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This page contains instructions on how you can manage SIP devices from the interface.

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When logged in the VoipNow interface, click on SIP Devices under Telephony Provisioning and you'll be redirected to the SIP Devices page. 

The SIP Devices Inventory lists the provisioned SIP devices taking into consideration the level of the authenticated VoipNow user.  

Authenticated System AdminAuthenticated Service ProviderAuthenticated OrganizationAuthenticated User
Can see all existing SIP devices.
  • Can see all the SIP devices that he or the admin owns.
  • Can see all the devices owned by or assigned to his Organizations.
  • Can see all the devices owned by or assigned to the Users in his Organizations.
  • Can see all the SIP devices owned by the Organization, its Service Provider and admin.
  • Can see all the devices assigned to the Organization.
  • Can see all the devices owned by and assigned to the Users in the Organization.
  • Can see all the SIP devices that he owns as well as those owned by his Organization, Service Provider, and admin.
  • Can see all the devices assigned to his extensions.

Here are the operations you can perform on such devices.

Enable or disable a SIP device

All SIP devices are listed in the SIP Devices Inventory. You can enable or disable a device with a simple click on the S icon showing the status of the device: for enabled/the device is provisioned for disabled/the device is not provisioned.

When disabling a device, the corresponding provisioning file is deleted from the disk. When enabling a device, the file is regenerated.

Export to CSV

This control available at the top right of the table allows you to export the information available in the SIP Devices Inventory to a .csv file.

Clear assignments

To remove the extension(s) to which a device is assigned:

  1. Select checkbox(es) corresponding to the device(s) you want to unassign.
  2. Click the Clear assignments link. This will automatically unassign the device.

Regenerate files

To regenerate the provisioning files for a device:

  1. Select the checkbox(es) corresponding to the device(s) you want to reprovision.
  2. Click the Regenerate files link. This will automatically regenerate the files.

Search for a device

The same SIP Device Inventory list displays the Assigned Organization column, which refers to the organization the provisioned device is assigned to. The Assigned Users column lists all user assigned to the device. If no device is assigned to any account or no users are assigned to the device, the "-" is displayed. As an administrator, you can see all the devices provisioned in system.

The search control allows you to choose the devices to be displayed:

  • All devices: The list will display all the provisioned devices, regardless of who the owner is.
  • Owned by me: Only the devices provisioned by you will be displayed.

To filter the templates:

  1. Enter the name of the template in the text box located above the table.
  2. Click the  Search button. The system remembers the search criteria when a new search is performed and even after the user logs out.

Remove a device

To remove a certain device:

  1. Select the device from the inventory and click the Remove selected link on top of the table.
  2. Select the Confirm removal checkbox and click OK. To return to the previous page without removing the device, click Cancel.
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