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This page contains instructions on how to add an Intercom/Paging extension to the system.

Table of Contents


To set up an Intercom/Paging extension, first you need to define its general settings. Then you may customize it using specific options. You may do this at any time later on by clicking the Intercom/Paging Setup icon in the extension's management page.



You may choose between:

  • 2 way intercom - Called extensions are able to talk back to the caller.
  • 1 way paging - Called extensions cannot talk back to the caller.

Alert-Info header

In order for intercom/paging to work, the Alert-Info and the Call-Info headers must be sent from the VoipNow to the user's phone terminal.

If the phone terminal supports Intercom/Paging and if it is able to read those headers, then it will automatically answer and you will not be required to fill in anything in these two fields.

Call-Info header

Newer firmware versions for certain devices such as Linksys, Polycom, Aastra, Grandstream or Snom (not necessarily for all of them) might require another value for the Alert-Info and the Call-Info headers, different from the default ones. In these conditions, you will be required to check with the phone manufacturer the values that must be filled in to enable automatic answering.

This does not work when multiple phones of different types are dialed in Intercom.


The maximum duration of the intercom/paging session. At the end of this interval, the call is disconnected.

Play sound on connection

Each time the user is connected to the called extensions, a sound is played. Use the Image Modified icon to view the available sound files or manually fill in the file location.
A pop-up window listing all the sounds matching the name specified in the text will be displayed. You can read more about the Sound Manager in the Appendix.

Caller permission for any extension in organization

When enabled, this option allows any extension in the organization to call the Intercom/Paging extension.
If this option is disabled, you have to manually assign individual permissions in the Permission to Call Intercom For area described below.

Allow intercom to call all its assigned extensions simultaneously

When enabled, this option allows the Intercom to call all of its assigned extensions at the same time.
Extensions from configured groups (i.e. groups of extensions assigned to an Intercom extension) however will not be called.


If the ID of the group of extensions is 12 and you want to call it using Intercom 0001*003, you need to dial 00312*. All the extensions in that group will receive your call.








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