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This guide defines what extensions are and how phone devices can be set up (either manually, or through provisioning). After reading this, you will know what the features of a Phone Terminal extension do and how you can set them.

VoipNow is designed to work in various environments. This flexibility is enabled by the design and implementation features. From this perspective, understanding the system is vital, which is why we recommend that you first read the VoipNow User's Guide.

Required Knowledge and Skills

This guide assumes that your phone is functional. However, if you have difficulties while setting up the phone terminal, please visit the Get Started with VoipNow guide. The Phone Quick Setup section is recommended for extension owners who want to learn how system features can be accessed from the phone terminal keypad.

In order to make good use of this service, you need to have:

  • Basic understanding of the VoipNow functionality and terminology
  • Good understanding of web services and how they can be used in the chosen programming language

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If something is unclear or you need further assistance, do not hesitate to open a ticket in the 4PSA Support Zone or ask a question in our monitored GetSatisfaction community.

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