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VoipNow 4.1.3 Release 170515

VoipNow Component

TypeDetailsSupport Zone Ticket IDJIRA Ticket ID

Image Modified

Improved Amazon S3 support - it now works with dual-stack endpoints and new zones.-VNP-59345
Image Modified
Fixed IP-based trunks being challenged.
DOI-388368 GEY-464761
VNP-59766 VNP-59732
Image Modified
Increased extension password maximum length to 64.IMN-714960 MSL-182581VNP-59725 VNP-59870
Image Modified
Fixed authentication of in-dialog CANCEL requests.IMN-714960VNP-59735
Image Modified

Fixed transfer to public destinations when the source of the transfer has an active ICR.

Image Modified
Channel prefix is no longer displayed on real-time call flow report.VUV-312692VNP-59325
Image Modified
Fixed issue with mass Amazon S3 file delete when not all files were deleted.-VNP-59355
Image Modified
Fixed celeryworker to properly start.-VNP-59721
Image Modified
Fixed initial password validation.-VNP-59921
Image Modified
Avoid possible PBX crash caused by improper IP parsing from database.AutoreportVNP-59830

Automation Component

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