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Applies to VoipNow 3 and higher!

The Password Protection feature allows users with access to the interface (admin, service provider, organization or user) to block access to a phone terminal for a certain period of time. The terminal can be blocked/activated from the keypad by dialing a password defined in the interface. A blocked phone terminal cannot be used for placing or receiving calls. If the Voicemail feature is enabled, then all incoming calls of the extension will be redirected to voicemail while the phone terminal is blocked.

This article explains how to activate password protection as well as how to toggle an extension's status. 

Enabling password protection from the interface 


Password protection is available for Phone Terminal extensions only!

To activate password protection on a Phone terminal extension, take the following steps:  

STEP 1: Select the extension you want to block access to, click the Phone terminal setup icon available in the Quick Links area.

STEP 2: In the Set Up Phone Terminal {extension_label} {extension_no} page, scroll down to the Password Protection section.

STEP 3: Select the Protected phone access active checkbox. Once you have enabled the protection feature and defined the password for it, the following message will be displayed next to the checkbox: "Currently access to phone is unrestricted. By accessing the Block link, you will restrict the phone terminal usage." If access is restricted, the Currently access to phone is blocked message will be displayed. Click the Unblock link to allow the extension to dial/receive calls normally.

STEP 4: Define the Password to access telephony that will have to be dialed from the terminal keypad in order to block/activate its usage. The password must be a number with 3 up to 12 digits.

Switching status via the phone terminal

As soon as the Password Protection feature is enabled in the interface, the phone terminal extension user can toggle the terminal status either from the interface or the terminal. To block/unblock the phone terminal usage directly from the keypad, take the following steps:

STEP 1: If access to the phone terminal is blocked, dial *11. The system will require the password defined in the interface. As soon as you enter the correct password, you will be able to normally dial out/receive calls.

STEP 2: If access to the phone terminal is allowed, dial *11. The system will require the password defined in the interface. As soon as you enter the correct password, the phone will be blocked.

If the Voicemail feature is enabled on the Phone terminal extension, all incoming calls will be redirected to it.

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