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This page contains instructions on how to customize the Fax feature.

Overview of fax preferences

To set and customize fax-related preferences, go to Unified Communications in the side menu and click on the Zero Priority icon, under the Settings area.

Open the Fax tab on the left and fill in the fieldsets according to the descriptions below. Once you're done, click OK to save your preferences. To return to the previous page without committing the changes, click Cancel.

System accepts faxes by emailAllows faxes by email.
Server hostname in fax approval emailsAddress of server that will host fax messages sent by email.
Email address where server receives faxesEmail address to receive fax messages. Please note that the email address can contain characters from any official language script. Domain names that contain these special, so called non-ASCII, characters are called Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs). VoipNow supports IDNs.
Maximum fax email size <x> MBMaximum size of a received email. Default value: 10 MB. Accepted value: 1 to 100 MB.
Maximum number of files per composed faxMaximum number of files that can be attached to a fax message. Default value: 5 files. Accepted value: 1 to 10.
Maximum number of fax recipientsMaximum number of recipients for a fax message. Default value: 5. Accepted value: 1 to 999.
Keep minimum <x> seconds between fax reattemptsThe minimum waiting time before being allowed to click the confirmation link received via email every time a new fax email message is scheduled for sending. Default value: 300 seconds. Accepted value: 60 to 36,000 seconds. Please read the example below to see the whole process.
Wait for remote fax to start negotiation for <x> secondsThe time VoipNow will wait before the fax negotiation starts. If the negotiation does not start, the call will be terminated. Default value: 45 seconds. Accepted value: 5 to 300.
Erase faxes that were not confirmed for <x> daysNumber of days after which all unconfirmed faxes will be deleted. Default value: 30 days. Accepted value: 1 to 100 days.
Erase faxes that could not be sent for <x> daysNumber of days after which all unsent faxes will be deleted. Default value: 30 days. Accepted value: 1 to 100 days.

Example of a fax reattempt

Let us assume that you want to send a fax message to a Phone terminal extension with an activated fax feature. The process goes as follows:

  1. Send the email message to the Email address where server receives faxes that you have already defined.
  2. VoipNow checks if your email address is allowed to send faxes to that extension.
  3. If allowed, you get an email message confirming that your fax has been accepted.

    Hello John Doe,

    Your message to <extension#> was accepted. Please press here in order to schedule the sending of this fax.
  4. Access the link in the confirmation email in order to send the fax message. The fax message is not sent unless you access the link again!

If by any reason the message is not sent, you need to access the link again, but only at the end of the time interval defined in the Keep minimum <x> seconds between fax reattempts option.

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