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This page describes the ENUM Channel and contains instructions on how to add one to the VoipNow system.


The Electronic Number Mapping System (ENUM, also known as Telephone Number Mapping) uses existing E.164 telephone numbers, protocols, and infrastructure to indirectly access different services available under a single personal identifier. ENUM also allows for an IP connection to the telephone system in a seamless manner.

To set up an ENUM Channel, go to the System menu on the left and click on Channels. In the Channel Management page, click the Add ENUM Channel icon under the Trunks area.

Enter channel details

  • Clone settings from channel: Copy the settings of an existing channel. This helps you create channels with similar or identical structure faster.
  • Name: Fill in a descriptive name used to identify the channel.
  • Protocols allowed: Select the protocol allowed by the channel.
  • Zone suffix: Specify the zone suffix. Default value is
  • Charging plan: Specify the channel type. If paid, the channel charges a fee every time it is used. If free, the channel can be used to call any destination for free.
  • Do not try more than <x> destinations: Specify the maximum number <x> of destinations the channel will try to connect to.
  • Prefix all calls with: Specify the symbol used to dial numbers outside the channel. Default value is '+'.
  • Channel codecs: Select the codecs for encoding–decoding the voice signal over this channel.
  • Channel notes: Add any channels you want.

Assign channel to channel groups

Assign the channel to one or several channel groups in the Channel Group section.

    • All groups: Lists all the groups currently in the system. To assign the channel to a specific group, click the desired channel and it will be automatically moved into the Assigned groups pool.
    • Assigned groups: Lists the groups the channel is assigned to. To remove the channel from a group, click the desired channel and it will be automatically moved back into the All groups pool.

Set channel costs

Set up channel costs. You can configure the costs charged by the channel provider, based on the call destination. Select the Setup channel costs checkbox. You won't be able to do this, unless you have defined a Paid charging plan in the Channel setup page. For more info on how to add channel costs, please check the Add Channel Costs section.

Click OK to add the new channel. If you want to add the new channel without configuring the public phone numbers, deselect the Setup channel costs checkbox and click OK to save the channel costs.

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