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To schedule a conference, follow the recommendations below.


Click the Schedule a new Conference icon available in the Tools section of the Scheduled Conferences page.

This extension type allows setting up conferences that can be accessed by users calling from phones connected to the system, as well as by outside callers (e.g. calling from a phone connected to the PSTN).

Conference schedule

This section contains the basic options needed for scheduling a conference.

NameSet the conference descriptive name.
Administrator PIN

Set the PIN code for the conference administrator.

Although it is highly recommended that you set up an administrator PIN, you can leave this field empty. If you choose to leave the Administrator PIN field empty, then the system behavior changes as follows:

  • You cannot set up a participant PIN.
  • NO PIN is requested when users enter the scheduled conference.
  • ALL users join the conference as members.
  • NO administrator is able to join the conference.
Participant PINSet the PIN code used by participants to this conference.
Conference room sizeSet the maximum number of users that can join the conversation. You can fill in any number between 2 and 99.
Conference typeThree options are available:
  • One time: When this option is enabled, the conference is scheduled one time between Start hour and Scheduled end hour.
  • Anytime: When this option is enabled, the conference is permanent.
  • Recurring - When this option is enabled, the conference is scheduled to take place as specified by the Weekday, Day of month and Month, between Start hour and End hour.
Time zoneSelect the time zone for which you want to schedule the new conference. By default, the time zone defined for the extension's user is selected.
Start hourSpecify the scheduled start hour and minute for one time or recurring conferences.
Scheduled end hourSpecify the scheduled end hour and minute for one time or recurring conferences.
Start dateSpecify the date the one time conference will start. Also, you can click the icon to chose the date from the calendar.
This option is useful when having a conference scheduled to start at 22:00 and to end at 01:00 the next day.
WeekdaySelect the day of the week when the recurring conference is scheduled to take place. Default: Every day.
Day of monthSpecify the day of the month when the recurring conference is scheduled to take place. Default: Every day.
MonthSpecify the month when the recurring conference is scheduled to take place. Default: Every month.

Conference details

With these options you can set up behaviors for certain conference related actions.

  • Play sound <folder> <sound> before connecting to conference center: If enabled, you can select the sound that will be played for the caller before he is connected to the extension. A pop-up window listing all the available sounds matching the name specified in the text box is displayed.
    • Listen - Allows you to listen to the message; the sound's total length is displayed as well using the hh:mm:ss format. If you want to download the sound on your hard drive, click the Download icon and confirm your choice.
    • Name - Click the link to select the sound file
    • Folder - The file folder's location. The path will display the folder name and also its origin. "/" placed before the name of a folder signals the current account's default folder. For every "/" added, you go up an account level.
  • Enable music on hold: When enabled, VoipNow plays the files located in the Default music on hold folder if there is only one user present in the conference.
  • Close the conference when all conference moderators exit: When enabled, VoipNow terminates all calls when all the conference moderators log out.
  • Participants should start muted: When enabled, conference participants are muted when join the conference. 
  • Participants should be able to unmute themselves: When enabled, participants are able to unmute themselves.  Use *1 to switch between Mute and Unmute. For more details about conference feature read How to use the Conference features on a Phone terminal extension.
  • Announce user count on joining conference: When enabled, VoipNow announces any new participant about the number of users in the conference call.
  • Announce users joining/leaving: When enabled, VoipNow announces the users about any participant joining or leaving the conference call.
  • Record conference conversations: Select if you want VoipNow to record all your conferences.

Confirm settings

After you are done filling in the details above, click OK to schedule a new conference or Cancel to return to the previous page without scheduling anything.

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