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This document contains the list of features, technologies, and functions that have been or will be deprecated in VoipNow.

IAX Channels

The protocol has never gained wide-industry adoption and, according to our research, a very limited number of VoipNow customers use IAX in production. Furthermore, IAX is currently not supported in distributed VoipNow installations.

If you do use IAX, please change to SIP as soon as possible to avoid any service disruption.

Inband DTMF Signaling

Inband is highly unreliable and was introduced for old equipment that did not support RFC2833.

In the unlikely event of having endpoints configured to use inband, please switch to RFC2833.

TFTP Protocol

TFTP is used for provisioning by a very low number of old phone hardware. The protocol is insecure and has been removed.

We recommend phones that can be provisioned over HTTPS.

Peer Certificate Validation

We enforced strict validation for certificates. This means that:

  • a hostname must be assigned to all VoipNow services
  • CA signed certificates must be installed

When multiple Web Management Interface nodes are used, this must be done at the load balancer level.

Cepstral Based TTS

The TTS quality of the third-party Cepstral TTS has been surpassed by other third-party technologies.

We will add a new TTS engine based on cloud services.

XMPP protocol

We replaced XMPP with DataChannel - a modern, low latency messaging layer that uses WebSockets as a transport protocol.

Use Hubgets web, mobile clients or the DataChannel API.


OpenID usage has been shrinking, with many providers dropping support for it.

We added Google Login and we will continue to integrate with other popular authentication layers.

Existing OpenID accounts will continue to work until 15 March 2018, when we will remove the OpenID authentication support.


CallNow is a legacy implementation of web contact and has been surpassed by Hubgets Page.

Use Hubgets Page to achieve web communication on phone and chat.


We've noticed that over 95% of our customers integrate VoipNow API with custom or commercial provisioning and billing solutions.

Due to this reason, we prefer to focus on improving APIs to provide more efficient management and billing solutions.

All VoipNow versions shipped after 15 March 2018 will not include Automation anymore.

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