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This document contains all changes performed in VoipNow 3.5.0 version.

Important Notes

Deprecating Notice

Please read VoipNow Deprecating Notice before going further.

Limited Release Notes

Because VoipNow 3.5.0 version is a major release, this document contains only the changes that in our opinion might affect existing VoipNow customers.

Features Enhancement Resolved

VoipNow 3.5.0 GA Release 150418

VoipNow Component

TypeDetailsSupport Zone Ticket IDJIRA Ticket ID
Added Celery worker reload configuration support.-VNP-53660 VNP-53924 VNP-53925
Implemented standard support in SIP Server.-VNP-53842
Implemented the Elasticsearch cluster module for NodeJS.-VNP-53882 VNP-54388
Implemented the Hubring cluster module for NodeJS.-VNP-53883
Added media encryption setup support to Web Interface.-VNP-54023 VNP-54162 VNP-54430
Added caller IP information in Call Reports. This field can be exported to Excel/CSV from admin account only.-VNP-54033
Added healthcheck information script in distribution.-VNP-54140
Added device orientation support for video rotation and scaling.-VNP-54336 VNP-54338
Added support for 302 transfer to voicemail.-VNP-54391
Added support for multiple STUN servers.-VNP-54425
Added OS support for DNS cache, lowering the load on the DNS infrastructure and improving performance.-VNP-54471 VNP-54496
Improved user documentation and knowledge base articles.-

VNP-48680 VNP-52994 VNP-53004 VNP-53780 VNP-53805 VNP-53832 VNP-54059

Improved codec selection mechanisms.-

VNP-52816 VNP-53986 VNP-54020 VNP-54091 VNP-54106 VNP-54108 VNP-54111 VNP-54112

Extension is marked as non reachable on TCP connection close.-VNP-53300 VNP-54189
Fixed multiple issues regarding GeoIP location.-VNP-53387
Improved authentication mechanisms in the Web Management Interface.-VNP-53457
VoipNow 3.5 ISO image is based on CentOS 7.-VNP-53629 VNP-53639
Optimized SQL queries for updating the permissions and the limits of an account.GUQ-527564VNP-53703
Optimized SQL queries for CallCosts and QuickStats SystemAPI methods.AVQ-185901VNP-53719
Added incipent support for multivoice sound files.-VNP-54004 VNP-54040 VNP-54337
Improved password control user experience.-VNP-54065
Improved the adaptive jitter buffer implementation with optimizations for WiFi networks.-VNP-54067
Removed useless codecs and ssrc lines in SIP packages in order to minimize packet size.-VNP-54275
Enabled plugins in RabbitMQ to simplify server management.-VNP-54307
Fixed provisioning files re-generation on template update.RQC-538827VNP-52388 VNP-53649 VNP-53741
Fixed VoipNow SystemAPI demo initial verification. VNP-52413
Fixed default language selection on impersonate.JCF-185215VNP-52473
Fixed possible race condition in PBX engine.-VNP-52848
Fixed SIP engine issues with multiple processes sharing the same connection to SQL database.-VNP-53078 VNP-53717
Fixed disk space warnings.HMI-971506VNP-53157
Fixed several PBX engine issues with SRTP session restart.-VNP-53253
Fixed PBX engine race condition in refer transfer.-VNP-53666
Fixed PBX engine memory leaks in Conference call.-VNP-54451
Fixed PBX engine memory leak.-VNP-53668
Reduced the number of seconds to wait for a PBX node before trying to redistribute the call to another PBX.-VNP-53681
Added Record all queue conversations option to the user level.RTF-581374VNP-53698
Fixed contact update on re-register after no disconnect. -


Fixed public numbers search for non ascii characters.JUX-157498VNP-53786
Fixed reports in the last day of the month by setting DataTimeZone to user timezone instead of UTC.ELU-612165VNP-53827
Fixed call completed elsewhere hangup cause.MUV-162054VNP-53851
Fixed maximum disk for voicemail value for the users added with templates.RVJ-860287VNP-53867
Fixed inconsistency in parking when using a distributed setup.-VNP-53944
Ignoring info about the audio RTCP port, when client doesn't provide a RTCP port.-VNP-53951
Fixed several issues with audio player in webinterface.-VNP-53954 VNP-53974
Fixed stacked number management. VNP-53973 VNP-54482 VNP-54486
Fixed issues with user charging warning being sent even if that notification should not be enabled for that account.DPC-415973VNP-53995 VNP-53996
Fixed logrotation for php-fpm.-VNP-53998
Fixed adding cascade incoming rules from SystemAPI.-VNP-54005
Fixed possible PBX engine crash on configuration reload.-VNP-54013
Limited CallerID setup in UnifiedAPI for the organizations with CallerID management disabled.EXU-788171VNP-54025
Removed video controls when the call is ending.-VNP-54047
Using static payloads to match SDP m-lines.-VNP-54049
Remove the possbility to uninstall VoipNow with installer.-VNP-54063
Fixed web management interface style.-VNP-54068 VNP-54073 VNP-54088 VNP-54095 VNP-54362 VNP-54363
Downloaded fax/voicemai/recordings are now marked as read.RNJ-477957VNP-54074
Fixed call being closed on re-INVITE after network change.-VNP-54083
Fixed file size for sounds recorded over the phone.-VNP-54092
By-passed the user existence verification as it cannot fully protect against abuse.-VNP-54093
Guarded against injections in SIP headers.-VNP-54141 VNP-54142
Security audit fixing multiple undisclosed security issues.-VNP-54152 VNP-54153 VNP-54445 VNP-54456 VNP-54495 VNP-54497 VNP-54531 VNP-54532 VNP-54534 VNP-54541 VNP-54545 VNP-54556
Increased the size of the debugging report sent to vendor.-VNP-54159
Fixed PBX engine race condition when returning from parking.-VNP-54160
Fixed PBX engine memory leak.-VNP-54167
Fixed multiple issues in PBX engine jitter buffer.-VNP-54168 VNP-54200 VNP-54202 VNP-54212
Start ICE on caller leg when a SIP response with SDP (200 / 183) is sent back, instead of starting ICE when receiving invite.-VNP-54210 VNP-54261
Added channel to autoservice until target accepts or rejects the call.-VNP-54216
Fixed fax dependencies on CentOS 7.-VNP-54220 VNP-54221
When infrastructure is behind NAT, update RTCP address.-VNP-54229
Fixed PBX engine applications starting playing even if RTP connectivity is delayed.-VNP-54230
Fixed PBX engine memory leaks with srtp policy and certificates.-VNP-54277
Fixed CallerId for refer transfer to external target.-VNP-54292
Prevent reinitialization of ICE if remote candidate list didn't modify.-VNP-54296
Avoided updating from domain in ACK if the request comes from PBX and is intended for a SIP provider.VAH-978757VNP-54299
Fixed some race conditions PBX engine parking application.-VNP-54303 VNP-54493 VNP-54366 VNP-54371 VNP-54414 VNP-54426
Check for billing status before warning.-VNP-54364
Fixed possible race condition in PBX engine.-VNP-54374
Fixed video support in case of a blind transfer call.-VNP-54382
ICE session is now reset only when ICE is completed or nominating. Previous role is preserved. -VNP-54386
Checked password strength for creation utils scripts.-VNP-54389
Fixed notification email for creation utils update.-VNP-54393
Removed locks on PBX engine conference when inviting new members.-VNP-54418
Fixed search field in extension table on intercom setup.-VNP-54444
Fixed welcome extension setup.-VNP-54446
Fixed extension call counter for external calls.-VNP-54449
Fixed Polycom VVX300 provisioning template not to immediately dial 4 digit numbers.-VNP-54452
Avoiding executing astsync if another astsync is already running.-VNP-54475
Do not add oldmediaip to SDP.-VNP-54483
Fixed possible PBX engine crash.-VNP-54489
Additional check in case of only one PBX node in the distribution list.-VNP-54506
Fixed some country names.-VNP-54507
Fix various language pack keys.-VNP-54511
Fixed possible deadlock on PBX engine.-VNP-54518
Removed and creation utils because they have been deprecated by -VNP-54529

Automation Component

TypeDetailsSupport Zone Ticket IDJIRA Ticket ID
Made the password required on add customer account page.-


VoipNow 3.5 RC 1 Release 150218

VoipNow Component

TypeDetailsSupport Zone Ticket IDJIRA Ticket ID
Added SELinux support for all VoipNow services.-VNP-53799
Better UX for HTTP error pages.-VNP-53723
Added transcoding support for Opus codec.-VNP-53960 VNP-53977 VNP-53986
All sounds files were updated to higher quality 16 KHz.-VNP-53105
New password strength analyzing and enforcing mechanisms.-

VNP-53757 VNP-53822 VNP-53831 VNP-53833 VNP-53834 VNP-53841 VNP-53861

VNP-53862 VNP-53864 VNP-53873 VNP-53889 VNP-53898

Improved Call Reports page behavior and style.-VNP-38881 VNP-53779 VNP-52915
Skin pack generator script is now compliant with the new skin structure.-VNP-50478
Redesigned authentication mechanisms to increase security.-

VNP-50575 VNP-52652 VNP-53022 VNP-53024 VNP-52659 VNP-53025 VNP-53457

VNP-53895 VNP-53929 VNP-53934 VNP-53934 VNP-53948

Improved forgot password mechanism.-VNP-52261 VNP-53753 VNP-53754 VNP-53756 VNP-53767 VNP-53753
Improved style for agent status panel.-VNP-52874
Simplified SQL node deployments for both MySQL master and slave nodes.-VNP-53017
Improved backup procedure for single node setups.-

VNP-53220 VNP-53221 VNP-53222 VNP-53783 VNP-53784 VNP-53800 VNP-53804

VNP-53805 VNP-53807 VNP-53808 VNP-53814 VNP-53815 VNP-53816 VNP-53819

VNP-53820 VNP-53829 VNP-53849

Improved email notifications to use HTML format.XUT-161938VNP-53443
Improved the distributed infrastructure setup process.-

VNP-53525 VNP-53526 VNP-53528 VNP-53643 VNP-53650 VNP-53652 VNP-53693

VNP-53694 VNP-53728 VNP-53730 VNP-53740 VNP-53823 VNP-53826 VNP-53872

UnifiedAPI discovery service is now more reliable.-VNP-53654
Improved web interface popup window behavior.-VNP-53801
Replaced sound player with HTML5 player.-VNP-53954
Changed the default value of CallerID to "Set by server."GOU-164217VNP-51013
Call On Hold status is reported using SIP INFO messages.-VNP-53797 VNP-53848 VNP-53850 VNP-53852 VNP-53877
Fixed SIP channels when SIP nodes are offline.-VNP-50668
Fixed Resend extension details behavior on all
Fixed display of CallerID in Call reports.
Integrated fixes from VoipNow 3.0.7M2 release.-VNP-52495
Fixed several possible PBX crashes and memory leaks.-

VNP-52596 VNP-53290 VNP-53402 VNP-53726 VNP-53762 VNP-53837 VNP-53856

Fixed confusing behavior for User Groups page.-VNP-52822
Fixed paging control for Queue setup page.-VNP-52989
Fixed Scheduled conference search to use the current extension.-VNP-53006
Fixed several possible SIP server crashes and memory leaks.-VNP-52614 VNP-53078 VNP-53198 VNP-53717
Improved the usability of the setup wizard.-VNP-53350 VNP-53884 VNP-53894 VNP-53940
Fixed several issues that prevented Ejabberd service from starting.-VNP-53379 VNP-53435 VNP-53669 VNP-53869
Fixed S3 queue service logging notice.-VNP-53441
Fixed possible lock in Conference invite.-VNP-53519 VNP-53520 VNP-53687
Fixed multiple usability issues in the installer script.-VNP-53524 VNP-53699
Fixed skin for OpenID.-VNP-53537
Fixed Call Events to accept URLs that contain capital letters.PMU-649274VNP-53620
Fixed sorting by agent name in the Queue Agents page.-VNP-53702
Fixed multiple errors in CLI scripts.-VNP-53711 VNP-53720 VNP-53812
Fixed email notifications for extensions added using SystemAPI.-VNP-53721
Fixed Email templates to use owner notifications instead of the parent ones.-VNP-53722
Fixed extension search to be case sensitive.-VNP-53770
Fixed issue with fax status reporting in web management interface.-VNP-53774 VNP-53772
Fixed Update button to work properly on single node installations.-VNP-53781
Fixed style for disabled buttons.-VNP-53806
Fixed possible issue with outgoing calls if channels are removed.-VNP-53818
Fixed multiple several issues during product installation.-

VNP-53828 VNP-53868 VNP-53886 VNP-53907 VNP-53923 VNP-53939 VNP-53968


Fixed build number in application title.-VNP-53843
Fixed search in the Web interface sessions page.-VNP-53865
External links are now opened in new browser tab.-VNP-53901
Fixed Callnow to only use https.-VNP-53912

Automation Component

TypeDetailsSupport Zone Ticket IDJIRA Ticket ID
Made several improvements to the store categories design.-VNA-15146
Improved submit method for each page.-VNA-15182 VNA-15198
Updated third-party libraries used by Store.-VNP-53501
Made several skin improvements.-VNA-15201
Updated icons used in order deployment.-VNP-53152
Added year 2015 for Credit Card Expiration date.-VNA-15152
Fixed colors for invoice payment status.-VNA-15169 VNA-15170
Fixed text in Order Deployment page.-VNA-15173 VNA-15180
Fixed Order Management alignment.-VNA-15184
Set PHP 5.5 as minimum requirement in Store.-VNA-15191

Known Limitations

End-user and developer documentation has not been published.

Firewall is not activated on system installation.

Call encryption cannot be managed from web management interface.

VoipNow 3.5 Beta 2 Release 150114

VoipNow Component

TypeDetailsSupport Zone Ticket IDJIRA Ticket ID
Added support to enable/disable fax detection.LWF-581187VNP-50325
Improved design of assign public numbers in Roles and Phone Numbers pages.IQB-396491VNP-48888
Improved device authentication mechanisms-VNP-50575
Indexed call information in search role.-VNP-51699,VNP-51700
Removed all SIP standard forbidden characters from the password generator.-VNP-52180
Improved design in advanced logs page.-VNP-52488
Redesigned password strength checker.-VNP-52585

Implemented new CSS changes in all skins.

Made several improvements to documentation.-VNP-52993 VNP-53005
Made several minor style improvements.-VNP-53210 VNP-53211,VNP-53282 VNP-53333 VNP-53346 VNP-53352 VNP-53458 VNP-53468 VNP-53538 VNP-53542 VNP-53549 VNP-53559
Conference Invite is now on separate thread to allow non-blocking conference administration.-VNP-53227
Improved VoipNow web management interface internals to achieve better performance.-VNP-53251 VNP-53269 VNP-53276 VNP-53280 VNP-53281 VNP-53285 VNP-53292 VNP-53293 VNP-53316 VNP-53328 VNP-53348 VNP-53361 VNP-53386
Made several style improvements to Queue Agents Management area.-VNP-52825 VNP-52894 VNP-52935
Made several style improvements to Sound panels.-VNP-52858 VNP-53354
Made several style improvements to Callback CallerID Management area.-VNP-52863
Made several style improvements to OpenID Identities area.-VNP-52887 VNP-53334
Made several style improvements to Set CallerID panel.-VNP-52922
Made several style improvements to Time Interval details panel.-VNP-52924
Made several style improvements to Cloud Management area. VNP-52899 VNP-53161
Refactored backup and restore tools.-VNP-52643

Added TRUSTED_NET in local.conf to allow distributed database connection from certain networks.

Fixed various problems with parking and ICR transfer.-VNP-42636
Fixed HubRing dump issues when debugging.-VNP-49194 VNP-50528
SIP and PBX roles can now be removed from the Infrastructure Controller if the server has no more than 3 extensions and no channels are assigned to the SIP node.-VNP-50381
Refactored safe_uac implementation in SIP server for better stability.WER-957582 YGS-155942 ZZH-471769 AutoreportVNP-50525
Call recording can now be stopped during attended REFER transfer.
Fixed ICR jump to voicemail when voicemail answer time is not set.RZK-135110VNP-50723
Added Hold/Unhold support for conference. Music on hold is now played when there is only one active participant in conference.DPT-743799VNP-50787
Fixed AST-2014-002 security issue.-VNP-50859
Fixed SIP presence issues related to invalid expire date.-VNP-50912
Many WebRTC support improvements.-VNP-51208 VNP-51970 VNP-51986 VNP-52671
Fixed call history "unallocated" hang-up cause.-VNP-51634
Fixed bug in Cloud Management page that triggered a page reload after performing some operations on a node.-VNP-52673
Integration fieldset in Tools management pages is no longer shown as empty.-VNP-52776
Added min-width to main search container in Extensions page.-VNP-52786
Fixed race condition that occurred when getting a SQL connection.AutoReportVNP-52848
Fixed conference sound options.-VNP-52869
Fixed UI bug in Add New Sound page; if an invalid sound is added the file input no longer remains locked in disabled state.-VNP-52896
Updated icons in Call History page.-VNP-52912 VNP-53324
Added monitoring for VoipNow 3.5 new role services.-VNP-52928
Increased size of group tables in pop-ups.-VNP-52936
Aligned form elements with multiple selects in New Channel Group page.-VNP-52939
Fixed several style issues in Phone Number Management page.-VNP-52950
Enabled video in conference.-VNP-52976
Update icon background color.-VNP-52992
Fixed focus through VoipNow Start Up Wizard.-VNP-53000 VNP-53001 VNP-53146

Fixed UTF-8 characters search in Channels Management page.

Removed the mail role from the list of eligible roles for adding nodes.-VNP-53014
Fixed display of Authentication History and Failed Authentication pages.-VNP-53024 VNP-53040
Fixed several possible PBX crashes and memory leaks. VNP-53035 VNP-53036 VNP-53049 VNP-53081 VNP-53256 VNP-53295 VNP-53337 VNP-53302 VNP-53320 VNP-53356 VNP-53391 VNP-53397 VNP-53400
Fixed Add/Edit Device style issues.-VNP-53038 VNP-53315 VNP-53407 VNP-53539
Fixed several out-of-bounds access issues in PBX.-VNP-53039
Fixed several uninitialized return issues in PBX.-VNP-53045
Added plug-ins support in Yum config file.-VNP-53059
Added default values for HTTP and HTTPS ports; they are not sent when the form is submitted.Beta ClientVNP-53069
Fixed static analysis issues in corebin.-VNP-53082
Added title to set-up and show license pages.-


Fixed static analysis issues in SIP server.-VNP-53080 VNP-53304

Fixed static analysis issues in PBX applications.

-VNP-53083 VNP-53219
Fixed static analysis issues in SpanDSP.-VNP-53085
Fixed static analysis issues in libs3.-VNP-53086
Fixed video re-INVITE issue in conference.-VNP-53094
Fixed recording party_id in UnifiedAPI initiated calls when a short number is used.-VNP-53097
Fixed ejabberdctl connection issue.OEQ-539657VNP-53098

IVR options are now properly detected.

Fixed media renegotiation issue that caused calls to close.-VNP-53158
Certificates are now synchronized between nodes.-VNP-53159
Fixed style issue in Custom Buttons.-VNP-53163

Fixed music on hold disable in conference.

Added December to month list in recurring scheduled conferences.-VNP-53179
Fixed several sounds played before connecting to the conference on lock/unlock.-VNP-53180 VNP-53182
Fixed style issue in user groups.-VNP-53187 VNP-53188
Fixed some parsing permissions issues on upgraded storage.conf.-VNP-53206 VNP-53243

Fixed Call Events panel style issues.

Increased UnifiedAPI source/destination max length to 32.-VNP-53218
S3 configuration now reloads when credentials are changed.-VNP-53249
Fixed error when downloading voicemail from POSIX.YOZ-739619VNP-53250
Fixed hold/unhold support for WebRTC calls.-VNP-53258
Fixed storage system configuration directive parse.-VNP-53260
Postfix configuration is correctly reloaded on changes.-VNP-53264
Fixed video behavior on WebRTC calls following on hold.-VNP-53277
Fixed SIP active monitoring mechanism.-VNP-53301
When video format is not found warnings on conference participant name recording are no longer displayed.-VNP-53305
Improved logger defaults on Elasticsearch.-VNP-53338
Fixed wrapping on the '-' character in button names.-VNP-53343
Fixed JavaScript syntax error on Add SystemAPI Application.-VNP-53359
Fixed panel position on the screen.-VNP-53363
Fixed redirection at the top of the page when agreeing to the EULA.-VNP-53364
Fixed escaping issue for the phoneName field of the missed call notifications.-VNP-53371
Added language pack message for device failure to deregister.-VNP-53373
Incorrect extension data set in notification for local fax.-VNP-53390
Backupsync no longer duplicates configuration parameters when empty and ending with '\r'.-VNP-53395
Fixed web interface validation of required fields in Cloud Management.-VNP-53421
Fixed conference scenario with multiple recordings.-VNP-53482

Removed voice filter when requesting codecs for extension or channel.

Fixed error when updating a queue using SystemAPI. VNP-53349
Fixed Beta installer upgrade warning.-VNP-53524
Default codecs are now checked when adding a channel.-VNP-53527
Added missing JavaScript function in CallNow and Fax pages.-VNP-53545
Fixed services restart after system reboot on RHEL 7 / CentOS 7.-VNP-53564

Automation Component

TypeDetailsSupport Zone Ticket IDJIRA Ticket ID
Made several interface style improvements.-VNA-15143 VNA-15167 VNA-15171
Updated Automation icons.-VNP-53170
Made several style improvements to Orders area.-VNA-15158 VNA-15160 VNA-15161 VNA-15164 VNP-52790 VNP-52791,VNP-53144 VNP-53153 VNP-53154 VNP-53155 VNP-53156 VNP-53162 VNP-53164 VNP-53165 VNP-53202 VNP-53016
Made several style improvements to Store Items area.-VNP-52787 VNP-53247 VNP-52933 VNP-53167
Made several style improvements to Automation Reports area.-VNA-15151 VNP-52789
Made several style improvements to Invoice area.-VNA-15169 VNP-52890 VNP-53160 VNP-53235 VNP-53268 VNP-53344 VNP-53353
Made several style improvements to Customer Account area.-VNA-15165 VNP-53011 VNP-53236
Made several style improvements to Choose Operation panel.-VNP-52997
Made several style improvements to Email Templates area.-VNA-15157 VNA-15159 VNP-53166 VNP-53185 VNP-53186
Made several style improvements to Setup area.-VNP-53226 VNP-53232 VNP-53234 VNP-52763 VNP-53224
Fixed payment plug-in language. VNA-15149
Fixed more PHP warnings when changing invoice status.-VNA-15150
Removed year 2013 from the Credit Card Expiration Date.-VNA-15152
Slave account fields now display correctly under user template.-VNA-15156
Fixed missing class constant.-VNA-15162
Fixed store connection plug-in.-VNA-15163
Fixed cloud placeholder issues.-VNA-15174
Tax fields are no longer repeated with labels.-VNP-52763
Fixed several issues in prepaid bricks.-VNP-52795
Reduced width of provider template panel.-VNP-52943
Calendar icons are now aligned in search forms.-VNP-53010
Default plug-in no longer appears disabled.-VNP-53012
Added automation SQL on upgrades.-VNP-53319

VoipNow 3.5 Beta Release 141029

VoipNow Component



Support Zone Ticket ID

JIRA Ticket ID
Added support for next generation Unified Communications Hubgets app.--
Added support for RHEL 7 / CentOS 7.-VNP-52661 VNP-52690 VNP-52729
Chat is now a user-level function. Added IM settings and removed IM management permission.-VNP-49396 VNP-49546 VNP-49641 VNP-50130 VNP-51761 VNP-52257 VNP-52330
Added server side chat messages archiving.-VNP-50405 VNP-50406 VNP-50407 VNP-50755 VNP-51961
Added support for relating voicemail recordings and fax messages with call history.-VNP-49470
Added the GetProvision SOAP method that retrieves phone provisioning information.-VNP-49472
Added support for internal notification engine.-VNP-50719 VNP-50907 VNP-52287 VNP-52292 VNP-52200 VNP-52206 VNP-52281 VNP-52489 VNP-52737 VNP-52739
New web management interface skin. -
Centralized digital certificates for customer facing services.-VNP-51775
Added support for Silk and G722.1 (Siren) codecs.-VNP-52530 VNP-52531

Added webRTC support with DTLS RTP encryption and start/stop video on the fly during the call.

-VNP-50863 VNP-51208 VNP-51523,VNP-51709 VNP-51864 VNP-52220 VNP-52221 VNP-52223 VNP-51986 VNP-52213
Conferencing performance and voice quality dramatically improved video support added.-VNP-50762
Added experimental VoipNow firewall.-VNP-51748
Added experimental support for selinux.-VNP-52023
MariaDB backups are now performed using locking with xtrabackup.-VNP-52555
Call history information is now indexed for analytics.-VNP-51700 VNP-52039 VNP-51699 VNP-52398
Call origin for system extensions is saved in call history (IP port transport).-VNP-51710 VNP-51711 VNP-51712
Added support for configuring RTP encryption (SDES-SRTP DTLS-SRTP) per extension.-VNP-51900
Refactored Amazon S3 implementation - improved performance reliability and scalability; added support for all types of files.-VNP-51075 VNP-51673 VNP-51674 VNP-51676 VNP-51752 VNP-51753 VNP-51908 VNP-52109 VNP-51755
Added new role - Elasticsearch.-VNP-49934 VNP-50367 VNP-50369 VNP-50370 VNP-50422 VNP-50425 VNP-51036 VNP-51081 VNP-51735 VNP-51744 VNP-51745 VNP-51879 VNP-51968 VNP-52143
Added new role - Worker.-VNP-50432 VNP-50433 VNP-50930 VNP-51073 VNP-51074 VNP-51846 VNP-52036 VNP-52133 VNP-52140 VNP-52264
Web Management role upgraded to use PHP 5.4.34.-VNP-50329 VNP-50494 VNP-52352
Web Management role upgraded to use Nginx 1.6.2.--

Web Management role has now NodeJS support.

-VNP-50397 VNP-50424 VNP-52201 VNP-52258 VNP-52217 VNP-52225 VNP-52284
SIP role upgraded to use Kamailio 4.1.-VNP-50767
Jabber role upgraded to Ejabberd 13.12.-VNP-49421 VNP-49639 VNP-50476 VNP-50489 VNP-50491 VNP-50495 VNP-50496 VNP-50516 VNP-50700 VNP-51037 VNP-51793 VNP-51917 VNP-52163 VNP-52486
PBX role upgraded to Asterisk 11.7.-VNP-48502 VNP-49683 VNP-50499 VNP-50500
Improved support for VoipNow web management interface behind a Load Balancer.-VNP-48418

Improved concurrent call limitation. Call waiting is no longer counted as a new call.

All MariaDB tables now use InnoDB.-VNP-49381
Lots of improvements on the installation process for a single SQL node.-VNP-52004
When a new language is installed it is immediately properly displayed.-VNP-49510
Changed default codec priority.-VNP-49765 VNP-52612 VNP-52613
Codec priority is now considered when generating extension/channel supported codec list.CCR-620093VNP-51331 VNP-51336 VNP-52651
Changed the way account expire works (parent limit is no longer imposed).
To check the status of VoipNow updates no page refresh is necessary.-VNP-50314
Added English (New Zealand) phone language.-VNP-50373
On return from park the unanswered call is sent to voicemail.TEP-842127VNP-50445
Added support for custom indications file in PBX.GNF-875196VNP-50715
Retry transfer from IVR in case the dialed number is disabled.
SIP presence max expiration has the same value with REGISTER max expiration.-VNP-50913
Added support for .ld file extension in phone provisioning.GTH-666761VNP-50984
Cosmetic changes in Installer to make it more user friendly.-VNP-51194
Improved performance of extension recording queries.RQT-636946VNP-51447
Added to countries selector Kosovo Saint Barthelemy Saint Helena Ascension and Tristan da Cunha.-VNP-51839
Added "Call completed elsewhere" reason code for SIP CANCEL.-VNP-51902
VoipNow backup has been completely refactored.-VNP-52164
All customer facing services require protocol TLSv1 or higher and secure ciphers.-VNP-52364 VNP-52904
Removed OpenID providers that do not work anymore.-VNP-52657
Removed remote hands as VoipNow distributed installations make it no longer useful.-VNP-52735 VNP-52993
Added devices support in authentication.-VNP-50575
Folders that contain shared sounds can now be deleted.-VNP-34683
Improved logging for SIP server.-VNP-48296 VNP-49514 VNP-49522 VNP-50782
Improved call charging error logging.NPQ-232495VNP-50776
The full list of codecs is provided for UnifiedAPI calls in order to prevent transcoding.-VNP-52816
SIPCallID is now correct in call history.-VNP-48050 VNP-52647 VNP-52648 VNP-52650 VNP-52653 VNP-52656 VNP-52658
Multiple improvements that increase the reliability of the SIP server. Autoreport WER-957582 ZZH-471769 YGS-155942

VNP-48675 VNP-51919 VNP-50525,

VNP-50551 VNP-50564 VNP-50614 VNP-52452 VNP-52453

"Allow to dial phone terminal extensions directly" option for IVR contexts is now properly cloned.NHN-648349VNP-49633
Fixed fax download on IE when faxes are using Amazon S3 as storage.KHI-604209VNP-49675
Cleaned-up unused SQL tables.-VNP-49695
Fixed call history records on attended transfer done with REFER on incoming public call.-VNP-49805
Fixed incorrect callerID for received fax messages.-VNP-49808
Fixed typo when setting CallerID for outgoing call based on the DID from the channel through which it was routed.-VNP-49812
Increased width of Queue report graphs in order to properly display the whole label.-VNP-49829
Fixed *2 conference option for invited members.-VNP-49834
Fixed System Default  timezone issue in scheduled conferences.-VNP-49836
Fax email subjects sent with a base64 encoding and UTF-8 charset are now properly decoded.UVS-841599VNP-49933
NAT infrastructure without private connectivity is no longer permitted.SVU-174282VNP-50076
Fixed a spelling error with the New Zealand time zones for Tiptel and Yealink phones.JYT-345076VNP-50374
Zero second recordings are no longer saved.-VNP-50386
Stop recording for channel doing the transfer.KTA-251369VNP-50599
Set the dial timeout for IVR transfers to system default (120 secounds).UHS-512794VNP-50637 VNP-51297
Music on hold should be played only when there are no other active participants in the conference.DPT-743799VNP-50787
Several presence issues fixed in SIP server.-VNP-50895 VNP-50896 VNP-50899 VNP-50995 VNP-50996 VNP-51247 VNP-51363 VNP-51372 VNP-51705
Sending ACK for 200 OK with same branch in Via as part of the INVITE transaction.-VNP-50918
Added timezone definitions for voicemail.DHP-993788VNP-51234
Fixed ICR transfer timeout not applying when the ICR destination was set to a non Phone Terminal extension.ZMZ-170819VNP-51330
Fixed DID field in call history for a call transferred to voicemail after passing through an IVR.HNA-931455VNP-51575
Fixed call recordings From and To for calls initiated via UnifiedAPI.KDM-333200VNP-51576 VNP-51582
Fixed incorrect CallerId in call history for blind transfer.-VNP-51622
No more "unallocated" hangup cause for cancelled calls.-VNP-51634
Fixed permissions and ownership for some configuration files.-VNP-51733
Fixed call flow field in call recording for UnifiedAPI calls.-VNP-51851
Fixed call flow field for calls returned from parking.-VNP-51886
Fixed incorrect charging for attended REFER transfer from callee.-VNP-51907
Fixed several memory leaks in PBX role.-VNP-51983 VNP-51982 VNP-51985 VNP-52031
Email to fax properly accepts emails that have a body but no attachments.-VNP-52051
Fixed call routing on remote transfers.-VNP-52096
Fixed several issues in captcha validation.-VNP-52652
Fixed possible SQL injection.-VNP-52666
Fixed SQL error when adding more users to a group.-VNP-52695
Fixed SQL error on Authentication History for user.-VNP-52727
Fixed SQL error on move organization.-VNP-52865
Editing an organization from SystemAPI will no longer causes its template to be re-applied.-VNP-52947
Fixed message key for fax message search date error.-VNP-52952
Fixed inherited cost if free minutes finish during the call.-VNP-52979 VNP-53008 VNP-53007

Automation Component



Support Zone Ticket ID

JIRA Ticket ID
New web management interface skin.- 
Fixed fatal error when trying to view an invoice.PMC-398112VNA-15135
Fixed typo in js alert.-VNA-15141
Fixed error in second level category add.-VNA-15145
Fixed payment plug-in language.-VNA-15149
Fix several warnings when changing invoice status. VNA-15150

Known Issues

Firewall is not activated on system installation. This step must be performed by the administrator on all nodes and you can find it explained in Network Security.

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