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This page describes the representation of the resources used by the Extension PhoneCallEvent Service.

PhoneCallEvent resource

A phone call event is represented by the UnifiedAPI as a PhoneCallEvent resource.

JSON representation

The example below contains the PhoneCallEvent in JSON representation. All fields are fictitious.

  "type": "0",
  "id": "NqeyDRqo4FtabmFj8gNWq3hsiGNYyq",
  "method": "0",
  "note": "My extension event is awesome",
  "url": "",
  "status": "1",
  "modified": "2012-07-10T18:16:12+03:00",
  "links": {"self":"https://x.x.x.x/uapi/extensions/@me/0003*210/phoneCallEvents/0/NqeyDRqo4FtabmFj8gNWq3hsiGNYyq"}

PhoneCallEvent fields

typeNumberType of the Phone Call Event.
0 for Dial-In
1 for Dial-Out
2 for Hangup
idStringId of the Phone Call Event.
Must be alpha-numeric and 1 to 255 characters long.
urlStringThe URL that is accessed when the extension receives, makes or terminates a phone call.
Must be encoded using the RFC 3986.

The HTTP method used by the server to access the URL when an event occurs.
0 for GET
1 for POST


The status of the event.
0 for disabled
1 for enabled

noteStringNotes about the event.
modifiedDateDate when the event was last modified.

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