This page contains instructions on how to add and customize an Organization account.


If you want to go through the process of creating an organization account much faster, you may use templates. There are two types of Organization templates and only service providers and admins may add them to the system:

The use of templates is not mandatory, but it's recommended if you want to save time and effort. More information below.

Add organization

To add a new organization account:

  1. Click the Add Organization icon available in the Tools area. 
  2. Fill in the Organization form, paying close attention the required fields:

  3. Customize charging and outgoing call filtering.
  4. To configure permissions and limits, select the Choose roles and phone numbers checkbox and click OK. To return to the previous page without submitting these changes, click Cancel.

Edit organization

To edit an organization account, select the Organization from the Organizations Management page and click Edit Organization under Account. The above-mentioned form will be displayed and you can redefine settings as you see fit.

To change the subscription plan of your Organization, open the Subscription drop-down list and, from the templates available, select the subscription plan you want to assign to your Organization. Subscriptions with greater permissions than what those allowed for your account are grayed out. Therefore, you cannot use them.

Once you've changed the subscription, the permissions and limits of your organization and all its users will be updated accordingly. The usage will be charged based on the charging plan assigned to the new subscription. Also, as soon as the subscription of the organization has been successfully updated, the Service Provider and the Admin(s) will receive an email notification.

To customize the template for the email notification on subscription updates, check the Organization Email Templates page.

Then follow the same steps as above.

Set up organization roles

Manage operations on an organization account

Manage interface options for an organization account