This page talks about how you can manage the Call Waiting function over the phone.


The Call Waiting feature allows the user to answer multiple calls. Calls are not rejected when the extension is busy. In order to use this feature, your phone terminal must be Call Waiting compliant.

For more information, read the Calling Features area in the Phone Terminal Setup page.

Set up Call Waiting

In the VoipNow interface, follow the steps below:

Screenshot: The Calling Features section of the Phone Terminal Setup page

  1. Choose the extension for which you want to configure Call Waiting and click the Phone Terminal Setup icon in the Tools area.
  2. In the Setup Phone Terminal <extension_label> page, scroll down to the Calling Features section.
  3. To enable the feature, select the Call waiting active checkbox.

Toggle status via the phone terminal

Here are the operations available:

Phone Terminal Setup