This page contains instructions on how to customize the VoipNow system in terms of extension settings, message notifications, and voicemail.


To set and customize general preferences for the system, go to Unified Communications in the side menu and click on the Zero Priority icon, under the Settings area.

Open the General tab on the left and you will be able to modify:

Extension settings

Start with the preferences related to the extension.

Number of seconds to callThe number of seconds a call rings before being redirected to the user's voicemail or before VoipNow considers the user as being unavailable. Default value: 30.
Maximum call durationThe maximum number of minutes allowed for a conversation. Allowed value: 1 to 2400.

Welcome extension

The account owner can use this extension to post announcements for system users (e.g. an Interactive Voice Response).

Welcome sound

VoipNow plays this sound before connecting the caller to the Welcome extension. Use the icon to view the available sound files or manually fill in the location of the file. A pop-up window listing all the sounds matching the name specified in the text box is displayed.

Allowed phone extension codecs

Codecs that the server can use in order to communicate with the phone extensions.

Enable ICE supportSelect this option if you want to use ICE candidates in conjunction with one or several STUN servers to establish communications between VoipNow and peers running behind NAT.
Allow text to speechEnable this option if you want the system convert normal language text into speech.
Default ping extension to check its statusThe server checks extensions for presence regularly. If an extension does not answer in a predefined time, it is considered offline.
Send public CallerID on local calls, if any
The extension's public callerID will be displayed in internal calls as well. The public callerID can be set from the list of public phone numbers associated with the extension. It can also be the callerID of another extension on the same organization account.

Message notifications

Configure the way in which you want notifications to be sent, taking into account the following options:

Voicemail preferences

Customize voicemail to suit your preferences filling in the following fields:

Set SIP Preferences

Set Fax Preferences

Set Charging Preferences

Set Monitoring Preferences

Set Integration Preferences