This page explains on how to define the system default interface settings as well as customize your own interface.


When it comes to customizing VoipNow's Web interface, there are two options:

To access the Web Interface management page, go to Unified Communications in the side menu and click on the Web Interface icon under the Settings area.

Customize the system interface

To customize the default system interface settings visible for all users, fill in the fieldsets below. Once you're done, click OK to save your preferences. To return to the previous page without submitting the chances, click Cancel.

Default interface preferences

Interface settings

Customize your interface

To customize your interface, click the My Interface icon in the top right menu. In the My Interface Settings page that opens, fill in the fields under Default Interface Preferences following the explanations below:

 Once you're done, click OK to save your preferences. If you want to keep the default settings, simply press the Default button. To return to the previous page without submitting the chances, click Cancel.

Restore dismissed alerts

VoipNow allows you to hide alert messages displayed on any page in the application. To do so, in the My Interface Settings page, press the Dismiss This Alert! link. However, please note that such alerts are only going to be dismissed for the current user.

If you want the previously hidden alert messages to be displayed again, click back the Restore Dismissed Alerts icon in the Tools area.

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