This page contains instructions on how to update your system to a new VoipNow version.


4PSA recommends to update whenever a new version is released. Although it is not mandatory, we strongly advise you to update to the latest released version.

VoipNow Product Management notifies customers when a new version is available using the VoipNowUpdates account on Twitter. It is strongly recommended that you follow this account onĀ Twitter.

To reach the Update Application page, go to Unified Communications in the side menu and click the Update icon under the Settings area.

The Update Application page allows you to:

Update application

When there are no updates available, the Update to the latest release icon in the Tools section is grayed out.

To bring your VoipNow installation up to date:

  1. Check the updates available. On mouse-over, the Update to the latest release icon. A message informing you about the number of updates available is displayed.

    <number> updates are available. Click to update now.

  2. Click the Update to the latest release icon to initialize the process. VoipNow establishes a connection with the 4PSA server and starts the upgrade. As long as the application is updated, the Update History table displays basic details about the process:

  3. Review the process. When finished, the outcome is displayed in the same Update History table. You can view the date and time the process started as well as when the update ended, along with the outcome (success or failure).
  4. Click the Advanced Logs icon to access the Log Records page and check the components that were updated.

Log records

In the Log Records page, VoipNow displays the update logs generated by the low-level engine.


Jun 05 10:48:52 Updated: voipnow-php-2.6.0-120605.03.rhel5.i386


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