This page contains instructions on how to add an extension to the VoipNow system.


An Express License allows access and management to Phone terminal extensions only. All other extension types already existent in the system maintain their functions unchanged and can therefore be used. For example, the system allows you to define routing rules with transfer to an existent queue.

There are two ways to access the Add New Extension page:

Add extension

  1. Click the Add Extension icon available in the Tools area.
  2. In the Add New Extension page, fill in the Extension Setup form following the explanations below.
  3. Assign public phone number to extension. When you assign a public phone number to an extension, the number will strictly belong to that extension and no other extension will be able use it. Basically, callers from outside the VoipNow system will be able to reach the extension by dialing the assigned public phone number.
  4. Select the Select extension type parameters checkbox and click OK to save the extension's permissions and to go to the next step.

  5. Deselect the Select extension type parameters checkbox and click OK to save the extension's permissions and add the extension with the default features.

  6. Click Cancel to exit without saving the extension permissions and phone numbers.

Public phone number selection

This field is not displayed unless there is at least one public phone number that has not been assigned to another extension. Also, when logging in with an organization account, the Phone numbers management permission must be enabled. That way, you are able to assign/unassign public phone numbers to the extension from the user's pool.


The features available in the newly opened page depend on the extension type previously selected. For detailed information, see these sections:

Phone terminal provisioning

After setting up a phone terminal extension, a confirmation message is displayed at the top of the page. You will be asked if you want to provision the extension right away and if you want the extension provisioning page to be displayed for every newly added phone terminal extension.

Click the link ensures that the Provisioning and SIP Preferences for Extension <extension_name> page represents the last step in configuring a new extension.

For more details on how to provision your phone terminal extensions, please see the Phone Terminal Provisioning section.

View extension overview