This page contains instructions on how to send faxes from a Phone terminal extension.


To send and manage faxes from your extension, access the Send Fax icon from your extension's context page.

VoipNow allows the extensions to send fax messages using:

If you're using the email2fax feature, it is not mandatory to use attachments. You can insert the fax message in the email body. Or, if you want to use attachments, you may leave the email body empty.

The Sent Fax Messages from Extension <extension_name> management page allows you to:

Upload a fax file

To upload a fax file:

  1. Customize the fields below in the Upload Fax Files section:
  2. Click OK to upload the new fax. Click Cancel to return to the previous page without sending the message.

Change fax status

You can see the status of a a message in the Sent Fax History table. A fax can have several statuses, some of which may require that you take a certain action. All statuses are explained below.

Not approvedThe fax message has not been approved.
Pre-ApprovedThe Pre-Approved Fax mechanism, which is available only for faxes sent through UnifiedAPI requests, implies sending a fax message to a particular extension without adding its authorized source email address in VoipNow.
The Pre-Approved status no longer requires confirmation for a fax message; it is automatically sent in a matter of minutes.
ApprovedThe fax message is approved and can be sent by clicking the link.
Scheduled For SendingThe fax message is scheduled for sending and VoipNow tries to deliver it to the destination.
SentThe fax message was successfully sent to all recipients.
Partially SentThe fax message was sent only to some of the recipients. Click the link to finalize the operation.
Send FailedThe fax message was not sent due to an error. Click the link to send it again.
If a fax message's status is Partially sent or Send failed, you can reschedule it for sending by clicking either its status, either the Resend link available in the Sent on column.
CanceledThis fax message will no longer be sent to anyone. This status is displayed after clicking the Cancel link available in the Sent on column.
PurgedA fax message reaches this status after it is erased from the system. This happens when the fax message has been stored in the system longer then the number of days allowed.

Approval status

The Approved column displays the fax message's approval status:

Sent on column

This field has different values, depending on the fax message status.

  1. If the fax message status is Sent or Partially sent, then the date when it was sent is displayed.
  2. If the status is Send failed, then two links are displayed:
  3. If the fax message's status is different from the above values, then only the Cancel link is displayed.

Fax info

Click the icon to view all the attempts to send the message and their outcome.

The message displayed above the table shows the IP address from where the fax message sending was approved, for example

The following information is available for each attempt:

The first line displayed in the pop-up window for all the fax messages shows that the application initiated the call in order to send the fax to all the specified destinations.

Search for sent faxes

When you are searching for specific sent faxes, you can use one or more of the available filters:

Search in faxes <extension_number> between <starting_date> and <ending_date>


<extension_number>: Specify the number of the extension the fax message was sent to.

<starting_date>: Specify the starting date of the time interval in which you want to search for particular messages. This date must be before or equal to the date the fax was added. The date format must be yyyy-mm-dd.

<ending_date>: Specify the ending date of the time interval in which you want to search for particular messages. This date must be after or equal to the date the fax was added. The date format must be yyyy-mm-dd.

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