This document describes the UnifiedAPI requests that update phone calls.

Update PhoneCall requests

The requests below enable you to update an existing phone call. The following action are available:

Park Parks a phone call.
UnPark Connects to a phone call that was previously parked.
OnHold Puts on hold an existing phone call.
OffHold Connects a phone call that is put on hold.
StartRecording Starts recording a phone call.
StopRecording Stops the recording of a phone call.
PickUp Picks up a phone call received on another phone terminal.
BargeIn Barges in on a phone call. Useful to communicate with queue agents.
Whisper Whispers on a call. Useful to communicate with queue agents.
Transfer Transfers a phone call to another phone number.
TransferToVoicemail Transfers a call to voicemail

Create PhoneCalls

List PhoneCalls

Delete PhoneCalls