This page describes how you can trigger events each time an IVR extension receives a phone call. Download.


This is the Call Interactive Guide. It explains the Service interface and the responses of the Service. The Call Interactive is a web service that enables developers to interact with the system every time an IVR places, receives or terminates a phone call.

Call Interactive can be used in various scenarios. For instance, you can use it:

How It Works

A Call Interactive Event has the following properties:

Event type
This is the event on which the associated script is executed.
Can be set to Dial-In, Dial-Out or Hangup.
Request method

HTTP method that is used when executing the script.
Can be set to GET or POST.

Script URL
URL address of the script that is executed when the event occurs.

And occurs as described below:

STEP 1: Set the IVR as explained in Add IVR Context section of the manual.

STEP 2: If there is an event, the system will make a HTTP request to URL using the associated HTTP method.

The system adds extra parameters to the request depending on the method used:

STEP 3: The script is executed by the system and it must output a response in XML format.

STEP 4: The system receives and processes the response.

How to Set Up Call Interactive

In order to be able to use Call Interactive, you must first assign it on an IVR. To learn how to do it, please visit the Add IVR Context section of the manual. Also, read this tutorial to find out how you can enhance IVRs using Call Interactive.


Check how it can be used in the SecureMyForm example.