This page contains instructions on how to add a service provider account.


When creating a service provider account, you can choose to associate a charging plan to it or not. To be able to associate a charging plan with the newly created account, you need to make sure Charging is enabled from the Unified CommunicationsSettings → Zero Priority → Charging Preferences page. Otherwise, you will not be able to do that.

Associating a charging plan with the newly created account is not mandatory. However, you should know that, in the absence of a charging plan, the extensions belonging to the service provider account will not be able to place any calls. If there is no charging plan available in the system or if you want to create a new charging plan, you may create one following the steps described here.

Create Service Provider account

To add a new service provider account:

  1. Click the Add Service Provider icon available in the Tools area.
  2. Fill in the Service Provider form:
  3. Customize charging and outgoing call filtering:
  4. To configure permissions and limits, select the Choose roles and phone numbers checkbox and click OK. To return to the previous page without submitting these changes, click Cancel.

To edit a service provider account, follow the same steps as above.

Set up service provider roles

Service provider operations

Manage service provider account options