Applies to VoipNow 3 and higher!

There may be several reasons for which you cannot place any calls and receive a "not enough credit" message.

For example, the dialing extension or one of its parents may not have enough credit or has reached the charging limit:

Or,  when the dialing extension or one of its parents uses a postpaid charging plan, the user may not have any available minutes set in his/her charging plan for the time interval during which he/she tries to place the call.

It may also happen that the called extension or one of its parents does not have any incoming credit. If this extension is handled by a different VoipNow server and you are attempting to call such an extension externally, you will get the "not enough credit" message. This is a problem related to the called party's extension settings and, therefore, you have no control over it.

Step-by-step guide

To fix the charging problems detailed above, take the following steps. 

STEP 1: Check the charging credits or limits for the involved Service Provider, Organization and User by clicking the corresponding Charging credits/Charging limits icon in the Tools section.

STEP 2: Check the minutes available for the users involved.

STEP 3: Check if the costs for the first charging period exceed the user's credit/charging limit.

STEP 4: If any of the steps above does not seem to provide a successful solution, we recommend that you contact our technical support.

Please be prepared to provide detailed information related to the replication scenario of the issue in question as well as a flow for the call.

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