This page contains instructions on how you can add a provisioning template to the system.

Add template

When you want to customize the provisioning settings for one or several devices supported by VoipNow, you have to define a new template and modify the provisioning files as per your requirements.

  1. Click the Add Provisioning Template icon and provide the information required in the displayed pop-up window.
  2. Click OK to add the new provisioning template. The template is saved in the database and displayed in the Provisioning Templates table.

Define equipment

Even though the template has been created, it cannot be used for provisioning new devices because no equipment was defined for it.

  1. Click the icon in the E column of the Provisioning Templates Table to navigate to the Template <template_name> Equipments page.
  2. Select the device(s) that will be provisioned using this template. To do so, click the Add Equipment icon.

The Edit Equipment Configuration File to Template <template_name> page allows you to choose a particular device and modify its configuration files according to your needs. For more details on how to use the available controls, visit the Customize Template Files section.

After properly completing these steps, your custom template will be functional and you will be able to use it to provision the SIP devices for which it was designed. For more information on how to provision new devices, please visit the Provision a SIP Device section.

Manage Provisioning Templates