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VoipNow powering a Dutch cloud communication

and collaboration service provider



Belcentrale is a telephony operator from Rotterdam, Netherlands, founded in 2006, that focused on IP telephony from the beginning. The company chose VoipNow platform to build their business. The company now offers several cloud solutions ranging from advanced business telephony, mobility, broadband, online collaboration software, CRM software, as well as online backup and hardware. It has a pure SaaS business model ever since it started.

With an impressive customer base of 20,000 SMBs from various verticals, the company does not focus on a specific industry. Some representative customers are Malaysian Airlines Europe, Travelbird, Soft Layer and Concave, an international skateboard maker and retailer. The most important aspect of their business strategy is to keep it simple for the customer. For that, Belcentrale relies on the expertise and contribution of 150 employees working in a sales team and a development unit for custom-made solutions.

Belcentrale uses cloud communications platform VoipNow to provide all these customers with hosted PBX services. Their parent company, Prootagonist, a web hoster, had already been using 4PSA solutions for several years when they decided for VoipNow back in 2006. So, the good relationship with 4PSA and VoipNow's revolutionary features like multitenenancy and real-time billing, contributed to the decision. This is how everything started and now VoipNow is the engine behind all Belcentrale products. They also used VoipNow’s API to build their own interface where all the services can be managed and bought.

Netherlands is one of the most advanced markets in the world in terms of IP telephony adoption. At 84%, they are ahead of the global average of 75%, indicating market maturity. In order to extend their portfolio and better serve their customers, the company also operates on the mobile network, thus becoming a truly integrated communications provider.

Initially, Belcentrale had a VoipNow Core setup with a total of 6 servers: 3 worker servers running Asterisk and 3 gateway servers running Kamailio. They have recently upgraded to VoipNow 3 and have a gateway as well (with 4 servers running VoipNow 3). They also have 18 VoipNow PBX servers. Each PBX customer has an extension on the gateway where Belcentrale can manage their call spending. Basically, customers connect to the VoipNow PBX servers that send all calls through the gateway.

Throughout the years, Belcentrale has been experiencing with the many versions of VoipNow and basically witnessed its evolution from an IP-based communications platform to the cloud communications platform that it is today. In the light of this long-term relationship, Belcentrale recommends VoipNow for providing cloud communications services for the following reasons:


As mentioned earlier, Belcentrale has a large and varied customer base, which they could have a hard time managing if it weren't for VoipNow's multitenancy. The role-based, multitenant design allows them to easily access and manage each level of management, distributing resources to customers, based on configurable permissions and limits.

Pay-as-you-grow licensing

Belcentrale consider the pay-as-you-grow licensing a huge advantage, unprecedented by any other affordable platform. Being allowed to start with very little to almost no investment, SMBs can grow at their own pace and benefit from advanced business telephony services from the very start.

Real-time charging

The telephony provider finds this feature extremely important because VoipNow's built-in charging engine allows the operator to deliver customized services that are compatible with local market requirements. At the same time, the platform's intelligent call routing minimizes costs and saves big on telephony bills, which is a major selling point.

Reliable savvy support

When the communication and collaboration processes of 20,000 companies depend on your hosted PBX offering, technical support becomes crucial. Belcentrale prides on the great support of 4PSA's Professional Services team who provides continuous assistance with set-up and configuration, so that VoipNow could better serve their customers' needs.

Cost-saving APIs

Belcentrale uses SystemAPI, a SOAP web service available in VoipNow, to create all customer accounts on the PBX servers and the gateway, but also to map all phone numbers from the gateway to the appropriate PBX. 

"What we appreciate the most about 4PSA is the great support and high tech standard of everybody working there!"

Cor de Graaf, Sales Manager 

VoipNow Features Used
Why VoipNow
    • Phone terminals
    • Reports and statistics
    • Incoming call rules
    • Outgoing routing
    • IVRs
    • Queues
    • Pay-as-you-grow licensing
    • Multitenancy
    • Real-time, flexible charging
    • Smooth integration with third-party apps
    • No upfront investments
    • Small overall usage costs

VoipNow is a cloud communications platform that enables service providers and organizations to benefit from hosted enterprise telephony, video, presence, instant messaging, conferencing, contact center tools, and mobility. The multi-awarded platform is a blazing fast go-to-market solution, due to its rapid set-up and easy deployment, integrated charging and billing engine, and competitive pricing plan. For more information on VoipNow please contact:

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