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Go international with the help of a VoipNow-based call center


Empain-Chaker is a 6 year-old Swiss-based online business managed by Jean-Francois Empain and Pierre Chaker. The company carries out lead generation and profiling campaigns for companies providing moving, renovations, repairs, and construction services in French-speaking countries across Europe.

Lead generation and profiling involve intense communication with potential customers. Regardless of the targeted services, Empain-Chaker relies on a contact center located outside Switzerland. The French-speaking agents call back the leads to clarify the requests submitted online. Empain-Chaker then presents the lead's request to 3 service providers, who will call back the potential customer and make them an offer for the services they need. Consequently, a reliable phone system to support such communication becomes a real necessity.

With an office in Geneva, a call center outside Switzerland, employees in different countries, and customers all over Europe, the company needed a reliable advanced VoIP service to make things work. For a couple of years, the company used solutions such as Skype or TalkFree, but they were unsatisfying at the level of the feature set provided, the poor integration with other solutions, and usage costs.

They had 25-30 extensions and they wanted a fully integrated VoIP solution that could work with the physical phones they already had in the office. VoipNow came up highly recommended for being cost-effective and practical. After having used a cloud instance of VoipNow for nearly 5 months, the business owners were impressed with the benefits they gained.

Small overall usage costs

VoipNow's integration capabilities and advanced feature set (the IVR, the Queue, the Agents, etc.) efficiently serve the needs of their call center, cutting down overall costs.

Customer satisfaction leading to business growth

Thanks to the smart routing feature, calls are routed to the right agent, based on the agent's language proficiency. No matter what number the customer calls, an agent speaking their own language will pick up.

Better call quality

VoipNow works smoothly with codecs that do not use much bandwidth, and so the call quality is preserved despite the less than satisfactory internet connection available in the company area.

Full overview on business processes

Thanks to the presence feature, business owners are up-to-date with the activity of the call center abroad. Also, using the advanced call queue reports, they have access to accurate statistics on call reports, call distribution, agent status, etc.

Fast and knowledgeable support

Whenever required, the company has received prompt advice on set-up and configuration from the 4PSA's Professional Services Team and benefited from technical guidance that helped clarify business needs and customize VoipNow to better suit objectives.

As VoipNow proved to easily support company growth, improving customer relations, and reducing costs, Empain-Chaker sees the 4PSA partnership as a long-term collaboration.

I have used VoIP for some time now and was customer of different VoIP providers. While our company grew, more employees from different countries joined us, we therefore needed a virtual PBX. I searched and screened many providers because I needed to sort things right. We were going to change the phone numbers that we had been advertising for years, so it had to be the right choice. I ended up choosing 4PSA. The possibilities provided with their software and the quality of their support seemed to match my need. So I chose a cloud instance (on demand) directly from, with numbers from, in order to have a unified solution for incoming and outgoing calls. After several months of usage, that I am very happy with the service provided. It's not just the product itself, but also the quality of the customer support and the speed at which they respond. I am very confident recommending 4PSA.

Pierre Chaker - Owner of Empain-Chaker Sarl, Switzerland

VoipNow Features Used
  • IVR
  • Call queues
  • Agents
  • Reporting and statistics
  • Presence
  • Hosted PBX
Why VoipNow
  • Small overall usage costs 
  • Customer satisfaction 
  • Business growth
  • Better call quality
  • Full overview on business processes
  • Fast and knowledgeable support

VoipNow is a cloud communications platform that enables service providers and organizations to benefit from hosted enterprise telephony, video, presence, instant messaging, conferencing, contact center tools, and mobility. The multi-awarded platform is a blazing fast go-to-market solution, due to its rapid set-up and easy deployment, integrated charging and billing engine, and competitive pricing plan. For more information on VoipNow, please contact:

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