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Spanish telco assists +5,000 small businesses and enterprises with a wide range of telecom services


Ibercom is a full telecommunications operator focusing on the B2B market exclusively and the 5000+ customers vary from small businesses to enterprises listed in the IBEX 35 index. With two data centers across Spain, the company provides a complete range of telecom services, from TDM or VoIP interconnection to cloud PBX, network services (DSL, VPN), and all kinds of hosting services. Ibercom offers transit service and voice termination to both large and small operators aiming to deliver phone calls to Spain. 

 After a few years of providing "classic" telephone services, mainly carrier preselection (CSO), Ibercom decided to jump into the VoIP world. The needed a solution to implement virtual PBX environments that could be rebranded for their different sales channel partners. After doing some solid research, including personal opinions from colleagues, they evaluated a few technology providers and decided to go for VoipNow as it was the "most complete at the moment". Also, staff were quite used to the Parallels Plesk suite of products for hosting - another good reason to go for VoipNow.

Ibercom owns more than 20 VoipNow dedicated servers, rebranded for different local operators. The company has 96 clients and a total of over 1000 extensions which include phone terminals, queues, IVR and voicemail. While they still offer PSTN telephony telephony, Ibercom's variety of services has expanded. Today, they have direct internet telephony customers that benefit from Cloud PBX and SIP trunking and do business with white labeled resellers to whom they offer hosted virtual PBX servers. The cloud services in their offer also include hosting, internet access, and networking.

With VoipNow Professional, Ibercom gained a lot.

Enhanced set of configuration options

he settings area of VoipNow Professional allows administrators and resellers to set feature capabilities, billing preferences, extension types and many more; you can also choose your interface appearance and language; customization goes even further with VoipNow's supported APIs - CallAPI and SystemAPI - allowing personalization and automation of operations that would otherwise require to be done manually;

Re-branding for different partners

VoipNow's Whitebox capability permits the removal of all vendor copyright notices and references from the web management interface. Ibercom was able to resell the product solely bearing their own logo;


Ibercom has found it very easy to deliver customized virtual PBX environments to their local partners; this modern software architecture based on the SaaS model allows multiple companies to use the same software; service providers can resell VoIP services to multiple accounts using a single software instance;


VoipNow's integrated real-time reseller-friendly billing engine supports both postpaid and prepaid charging plans; Ibercom's Javier García claims that they have recently started implementing it and they are already able to see great potential in this feature.

Their plans for the future anticipate the extension of the termination business internationally. This is to be approached in two main ways: delivering services to local telephone companies that address their services to foreign residents in Spain and also trying to open to international carriers that have links with Spain and need good termination services within Spain.


"What we appreciate most is the ease of delivering customized virtual PBX environments to our local partners. Also, the set of configuration options and features addresses all the needs that we have been encountering." 

Javier García, Marketing Manager at Ibercom Telecom, S.A.

VoipNow Features Used
  • CallAPI
  • SystemAPI
  • Whitebox
  • Multitenancy
  • IVR 
  • Hosted/Cloud PBX
Why VoipNow
  • Pay-as-you-grow licensing plan
  • Global, scalable, easy to use solution
  • No upfront costs
  • Easy configuration and customization
  • Real-time billing engine
  • Flexible charging plans

VoipNow is a cloud communications platform that enables service providers and organizations to benefit from hosted enterprise telephony, video, presence, instant messaging, conferencing, contact center tools, and mobility. The multi-awarded platform is a blazing fast go-to-market solution, due to its rapid set-up and easy deployment, integrated charging and billing engine, and competitive pricing plan. For more information on VoipNow please contact:

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