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VoipNow supports fast-growing service provider in Spain

with fully featured hosted PBX capabilities

Megacall is a brand owned by Phoenix Solutions, a Spanish registered service provider with customers in over 20 countries. The company was established in 2008 with the aim of providing transparent flexible and low-cost communications services for businesses from all industry sectors. Phoenix Solutions relies on a young, vibrant team ready to accept any challenge and focused on ensuring that customers get the best service possible. 

For almost four years, Megacall has been using cloud communications platform VoipNow to provide virtual PBX services for businesses and organizations such as real estate, online marketing agencies, software vendors, contact centers etc. Besides the virtual PBX offering, the company also provides SIP trunking solutions, virtual numbers, and IP phones. 

Megacall currently uses VoipNow 3 and has two servers hosted in 4PSA's cloud locations. Thanks to VoipNow's scalability and multitenant design, the service provider is able to attend to a growing network of customers in various locations and with multiple layers of management.

Before adopting VoipNow, Megacall tried several communications solutions that lacked the benefits of the cloud. Since a large number of their customers have branches on various continents and most of them do not have an in-house IT department to handle communications processes, it was important to provide them with a solution that reduces infrastructure and management costs and, at the same time, gives customers instant access to resources, regardless of their location. With VoipNow, all efforts are joint under one umbrella. These are not the only aspects that influenced Megacall's decision to switch to VoipNow. The service provider also considered the online integration possibilities that VoipNow allows for, the flexibility of the platform, its scalability and the cost-effectiveness it brings.

With instant access to fully featured hosted PBX capabilities, Megacall is able to meet the expectations of companies worldwide. Unlike a hardware-based solution, the hosted communications platform can be easily implemented, maintained, and adapted to the growing needs of organizations and businesses.

Call center capabilities

Most Megacall customers use the call center scenario where VoipNow fits like a glove. With features such as IVR, queues, local and remote agents, the supervisor, the incoming call Rules, VoipNow provides customers with the perfect tools to easily manage intense incoming traffic and increase customer satisfaction.

Quick access to call reporting

Call flows, queued calls, agent statuses, and other such resources are transparent and can easily be controlled through advanced reporting and statistics features. Also, the search function in call reports improves the management and assessment of customers' call activities. 

Clear, cost-saving APIs

Megacall uses the CDR service available with VoipNow UnifiedAPI to list the call history of each and every customer. Call history is automatically exported and used as a reference in invoicing - and that saves a lot of time and effort for the staff.

Flexible, straightforward charging

VoipNow's real-time charging engine enables Megacall to easily handle the way customers are charged. The built-in engine comes with customizable and transparent charging plans (prepaid and postpaid) that apply a wide series of preset rules: e.g. charging segments (to define how much the customer is charged during a specific time interval), charging fees (to define how much a customer is charged when a call is made or received), fixed prices, or relative to call cost (based on the call destination).

Pay-as-you-grow licensing

With the liberty to pay only for the resources used, Megacall avoids unnecessary expenses and relies on a smoother cash flow. Also, this flexibility enables the service provider to offer good pricing to customers and partners. 
"4PSA have been a true partner in every sense of the word. They have responded always with speed and with a solution. Phoenix Solutions have been able to grow fast without expensive back office infrastructure. We have been able to use our sales and creativity skills to support our clients knowing that we had 4PSA to support the virtual PBX service and integration. We have a lot of international projects on the go right now and most of these projects depend on the continuing support of 4PSA." 
Lisette Miller, Operations Director 


VoipNow Features Used
Why VoipNow
    • Phone terminals
    • IVR
    • Queues
    • Incoming call rules
    • Local and remote agents
    • Extension virtualization
    • Reports and statistics
    • Pay-as-you-grow licensing
    • Full control of business processes
    • Multitenancy
    • Flexible charging
    • Clear APIs
    • Reliable, fast tech support
    • Small overall usage costs


VoipNow is a cloud communications platform that enables service providers and organizations to benefit from hosted enterprise telephony, video, presence, instant messaging, conferencing, contact center tools, and mobility. The multi-awarded platform is a blazing fast go-to-market solution, due to its rapid set-up and easy deployment, integrated charging and billing engine, and competitive pricing plan. For more information on VoipNow please contact:


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