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This applies for older DNS Manager versions (released before 5.5.0). For the latest DNS Manager 5.5.0 version, please follow the instructions available here.

This page contains instructions on how to prepare Virtuozzo Hardware Nodes for DNS Manager installation.


Preparing a hardware node for DNS Manager takes less than 5 minutes.

DNS Manager is compatible with Virtuozzo when using a compatible OS template (i.e. CentOS , RedHat).

Installation steps

As long as you adjust the VPS configuration to match the system usage, the performance will not be affected by virtualization.

DNS Manager can be installed on Virtuozzo VPS. It is shipped in Virtuozzo EZ templates. These templates simplify the software deployment. They can be installed like any other Virtuozzo application template, from command line or from VZCP.

To be able to install and use DNS Manager on VPSes, you must prepare the Hardware Node:

  1. Download the DNS Manager Virtuozzo templates from here.
  2. Install the template packages.

To install DNS Manager in a VPS, you must simultaneously install all the template packages that start with dnsmanager*.

Post-installation recommendations

You can start using DNS Manager right after installation.

First, change your browser as follows.


Then log in with the following details:

Username: admin
Password: welcome

Please change the password after your first login.

For further details, please refer to DNS Manager User's Guides, that can be downloaded from here.

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