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The new 4PSA website offers an improved customer account called "Business Zone" area and a new support area called "Support Zone".

To improve usability and traceability, the Business Zone account is linked to one or more Support Zone accounts.

Old Customer

  • Use your credentials from former Customer Area account to login in the Business Zone.

    In Business Zone you'll see all yours orders, license keys and billing information details.

  • Use your credentials from the former Help Desk area to login in the new Support Zone.

    In order to use the new Support Zone, your account must be linked with the Business Zone account.

    After you log in the Support Zone you'll see this message:

    Your account needs to be upgraded. Until you upgrade your account you cannot perform any action in the new 4PSA Support Zone. Click here to upgrade your account now.

    Please click the link and in order to login to the Business Zone please use the credentials of your Customers Area account. If you don’t remember them, use the "Forgot password" tool.

    You can have more Support Zone accounts linked to the same Business Account.

New Customer

Place your first order in the 4PSA online store you receive an email with the credentials to access both Business Zone and Support Zone.

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