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This article describes how to allow the 4PSA support team access to your server.


4PSA Clients are kindly requested not to enter any server login information in the 4PSA Help Desk area.

4PSA will not login to any server that has posted the login information in a Help Desk ticket.

In order to allow 4PSA to access your server you must download the script from: and execute it on your server. This script will enter the 4PSA public key on your server.

How to download and execute the script:

STEP 1: Login as root to your server using SSH (or su to root).

STEP 2: Execute the following commands, which are valid for CentOS, Redhat, Fedora:


and then


STEP 3: Read the 4PSA Support Policy. Type ‘Yes’ if you want to accept it and allow 4PSA to access your server.

STEP 4: Update your ticket and specify that you accepted the Agreement and you added the 4PSA public SSH key to your server.

If at any time you decide not to allow 4PSA to access your server, you can execute the script again with:


The script will remove the 4PSA public key from your server.

Final Notes

If you follow the above steps 4PSA should be able to connect to your server.

If your server is protected by a firewall 4PSA will not be able to connect to your server. In such cases please contact 4PSA support team for further instructions.

If you run SSH on a different port, please notify the support team when you communicate the policy acceptance.

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