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Applies to VoipNow 3 and higher!

If you want to use Skype with VoipNow, you need a Skype for Business account. For more information on how to get it, read this.

This article describes the steps required for setting up a SIP channel that you can use to interconnect with your Skype for Business account. 

Step-by-step guide

Once you have registered for a Skype for Business account, you will receive a username and a password as shown below. You will need them when you configure the SIP channel.

Username: 99051000xxxxxx
Password: SomePassword

STEP 1: Log in the VoipNow interface and click on Channels in the side menu. The Channel Management page will open. 

STEP 2: Click the Add new SIP channel icon and set it up as described here:

  • Clone settings from channel: --
  • Name: Fill in the desired channel name, for example Skype Channel.
  • Send calls to:
  • Accept calls from IPs/network:
  • Username: 99051000xxxxxx
  • Password: SomePassword
  • Do not register: unselected
  • Authorization username: 99051000xxxxxx
  • Concurrent calls (outgoing+incoming): Fill in the number of channels you purchased, both for incoming and outgoing calls (e.g.: 10).
  • Charging plan: Choose either Free or Paid, depending on your requirements. If you select Paid, then do not forget to add costs to the channel!
  • Channel capabilities: Both
  • DTMF mode: RFC2833
  • CallerID for outgoing calls: It should not be needed, so leave this text box empty.
  • From user: 99051000xxxxxx
  • From domain:
  • Qualify value: 300 ms
  • Trusted channel: selected
  • Trust Remote-Party-ID SIP header: selected
  • Send Remote-Party-ID SIP header: selected
  • SIP Signaling Transport: TCP
  • Codecs: Select the checkboxes corresponding to the following codecs: ulaw, alaw and g729.

You can leave the fields not mentioned in this example as they are or you can customize them according to your requirements.

STEP 3: Select the Set up the public phone numbers assigned to the channel checkbox in order to add the number(s) you have purchased.

STEP 4: Click OK.

STEP 5: Use the Add Public Phone Numbers to Channel {channel_name} to define the numbers. Make sure you add them correctly as Skype sends them with the international prefix. For example, if you purchased an UK number, they will add 44 in front of the number without any extra zeros.

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