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Applies to VoipNow 3 and higher!

This article describes the steps required for setting up a SIP channel that you can use to interconnect with your SpeakUp account.

Step-by-step guide

This is what you need to do if you want to configure a SIP channel that can connect with your SpeakUp account:

STEP 1: Log in the VoipNow interface and click on Channels in the side menu. The Channel Management page will open. 

STEP 2: Click the Add new SIP channel icon and set it up as described here:

  • Clone settings from channel: --
  • Name: Fill in the desired channel name, for example SpeakUp Channel.
  • I want to configure the channel: Select manually from the drop-down list.
  • Send calls to:
  • Accept calls from IPs/network:
  • Username: your_sip_username
  • Password: your_sip_password
  • Confirm password: your_sip_password
  • Do not register: unselected
  • Concurrent calls (outgoing+incoming): Fill in the number of channels you purchased, both for incoming and outgoing calls (e.g.: 10).
  • Charging plan: Choose either Free or Paid, depending on your requirements. If you select Paid, then do not forget to add costs to the channel!
  • Channel capabilities: Both
  • DTMF mode: RFC2833
  • Behind NAT: Select this checkbox if the channel is located behind a NAT (Network Address Translation) router.
  • CallerID for outgoing calls: It should not be needed, so leave this text box empty.
  • From domain:
  • Qualify value: 300ms
  • Trusted channel: selected
  • Trust Remote-Party-ID SIP header: selected
  • Send Remote-Party-ID SIP header: selected
  • Channel codecs: Select the corresponding checkboxes for the ulaw, alaw, g729 codes.
  • Use MD5: unselected

You can leave the fields not mentioned in this example as they are or you can customize them according to your requirements.

STEP 3: Select the Set up the public phone numbers assigned to the channel checkbox in order to add the number(s) you have purchased.

STEP 4: Click OK.

STEP 5: Use the Add Public Phone Numbers to Channel {channel_name} to define the numbers. Make sure you add them correctly!

The SpeakUp number format is:

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