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This page contains instructions on how to add a local agent to a queue.


Any Phone terminal extensions can be a queue agent.

Add agent

To add a local agent:

  1. From the Queue context, access Queue AgentsAdd Local Agent.
  2. Fill in the following information in the Add Local Agent pop-up window.
    • Enroll agent: Select the Phone terminal extension you want to enroll as queue agent. For each extension, both the owner's name and the number are provided. Only the extensions belonging to the queue's client account are displayed.
    • Penalty: This parameter is used to differentiate agents when an incoming call is received. The call distribution algorithm will be applied to the agents with the lowest penalty number. If there are no agents with the lowest penalty number available, the algorithm will be applied to the agents with the next higher penalty number. The values that can be selected from the drop-down list range from 0 - the most calls will be assigned to this agent to 100 - the biggest penalty level, causing the fewest received calls to be assigned by the distribution algorithm to this agent. Default: 0. You can later modify this value directly from the Queue Agents Information table.
    • Require authorization to connect to queue: Select this checkbox to enable the password authentication login. The agent will be required to dial the PIN code before connecting to the queue.
      If disabled, the following two fields are grayed out.
    • Queue login PIN: Specify the PIN code the user will be required to provide when dialing *96 or *97 to log in as an agent or as a queue supervisor. The numeric values must have between 2 and 10 digits.
    • Confirm queue login PIN: Fill in again the same PIN code as above.
    • Supervisor: Select if you want to enroll the extension as a queue supervisor. The queue supervisor is able to listen to any of the active queue conversations by dialing *999 from his phone terminal, followed by the number of the queue extension. VoipNow will announce the extension number of the first active agent found and will start playing his conversation. To listen to the next available call, the queue supervisor must dial *. The supervisor can listen to the active queue conversations ONLY if he is logged in from his extension. Example: Agent 0077*001 is marked as a supervisor for queue 0077*004. If he logs in from another extension, 0077*003, and dials *999004, he will not be able to listen to the active conversations.
    • Allow to monitor: This field, which is only displayed if the Supervisor option is enabled, allows you to select from the drop-down list the type of calls the Supervisor can monitor: either Queue calls (the default option) or All agent calls (both incoming and outgoing).
  3. To save settings, click OK. To close the panel without adding the agent, click Cancel.

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