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This page details the directories that VoipNow backs up as well as the backup settings that you can customize.

Backup directories

VoipNow backs up the following directories:

  • VOIPNOW_ROOT_D /usr/local/voipnow
  • ASTERISK_LIB_D /var/lib/asterisk
  • ASTERISK_SPOOL_D /var/spool/asterisk
  • FAX_SPOOL_DIR /var/spool/fax
  • FAX_MSG_DIR /var/lib/faxmsg
  • FILESHARE_ROOT_D /usr/local/voipnow/files
  • VOIPNOW_QUOTA_D /var/lib/voipnowquota
  • ES_VAR_D /var/lib/elasticsearch
  • STORAGE_TRANSFEROUT_D /usr/local/voipnow/stmp/out
  • STORAGE_CACHE_D /usr/local/voipnow/scache
  • /var/lib/voipnow
  • /etc

Set parameters

To set up a backup on your local machine:

  1. Click the Backup icon in the Settings area and fill in the Backup Preferences form.
    • Enable backup: The backup will only be performed if the value selected is Yes.
    • Backup storage directory on local machine: Specify the location on the local machine where the backup files will be stored. You must specify the absolute path on the local system.
    • Incremental backup cycle: Indicate how often you want incremental backups to be performed. After each completed backup cycle, VoipNow will run a full backup and start a new incremental backup cycle.
    • Delete backups older than: Indicate a time interval for old backups to be deleted.
    • Don't start backup if disk space less than <x> %: If the available space on the hard disk is less than the specified percentage, then VoipNow will not start a backup.
    • Backup administrator email: Specify the email of the backup administrator. VoipNow will send email notifications to this address every time an error occurs during a backup operation. The administrator will also be notified after every successful backup operation.
  2. Click OK to save preferences. To go back to the previous page without submitting any changes, click Cancel.

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