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This page contains instructions on how to edit, search for and remove an extension.


To access the Extensions Management page, simply click on the Extensions link from the side panel. Also, as an Administrator, you can have access to all the extensions of a specified user by accessing the Users link from the side panel and then clicking the name of the user whose extensions you want to check.

The Extensions Management page displays the list of all the existing extensions and allows you to add new ones or to manage an existing extension account using the controls described below.

More specifically, you can:

  • add a new extension to the system
  • search the existing extensions' list according to specific criteria
  • manage individual extensions
  • remove existing extensions

Search for an extension

When you are searching for specific extensions, you can use one or more of the available filters:

<extension_type_filter> <search_term>


  • <extension_type_filter>: Use this drop-down list if you want only the extensions belonging to a certain type to be displayed. Default: All extensions.
  • <search_term>: Specify a search term for the extension you are looking for. You can search the extension's long number, the user or organization that the extension belongs to or its CallerID.

Edit an extension

When required, you can modify an extension's parameters and update them accordingly. VoipNow allows you to edit the following components:

  • The extension's general information.
  • Each extension type has its own specific settings that can be modified as well.

Edit general information

The general details are common to all extension types available.

The extension's preferences, phone numbers or sharing policies that you can modify according to your requirements are grouped into the following fieldsets:

  • Extension Setup
  • Public Phone Number Selection
  • Sharing Policies

For more information on how to modify these fields, see the Add an Extension section.

For Phone terminal extensions, you have the option to resend the phone password to the user that owns the extension by selecting the Resend registration details checkbox.

Click OK to save the changes or Cancel to return to the previous page without modifying anything.

Edit extension features

In the VoipNow system, each type of extension has its own set of features and functionalities. To view and edit these options, you have to click the appropriate icon, available in the extension's management page. Please read the Core Features section for more information.

Remove an extension

To remove an extension:

  1. Select its corresponding checkbox.
  2. Click the Remove selected link.
  3. Select the Confirm removal checkbox and click OK. Click Cancel if you want to return to the previous page without deleting these records.

The removal operation is permanent and, once it is complete, the extension cannot be restored.

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