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This page contains instructions on how to access OpenID settings and add a new OpenID provider.


The OpenID feature allows all users to see the OpenID section on their account and manage their own OpenID identities.

To access the OpenID Settings page, go to Unified Communications in the side menu and click the OpenID icon under the Integrations area. This page allows you to:

  • globally enable or disable OpenID
  • add new providers
  • edit current providers

If you are currently using any of the existing providers, you must already have your own OpenID. You can use it to log in to VoipNow after defining a corresponding identity from the OpenID Identities page.

Activate or deactivate OpenID

To activate/deactivate OpenID:

  1. Check/uncheck the Enable OpenID infrastructure wide field under the Service area.
  2. Click OK to confirm the new setting. A confirmation message will be displayed. To return to the previous page without submitting the change, click Cancel.

Add a new OpenID provider

To add a new OpenID provider to use in VoipNow:

  1. Click the Add new OpenID provider option on top of the OpenID Providers table.
  2. In the pop-up window, configure the new provider to use for setting up linked OpenID identities.
    • Name: A descriptive name for the provider (e.g. Google).
    • Homepage: The provider's homepage URL address (e.g.
    • OpenID URL: The URL address where the OpenID identification requests are going to be sent (the endpoint). This link can also contain one replaceable token: <username> (e.g. <username>
    • Test with username: Fill in an OpenID associated to this provider if you want VoipNow to test the authentication mechanism.
  3. Click OK to confirm the settings and add the new OpenID provider. To cancel the process and close the window, click Cancel.

Enable or disable provider

All providers are listed in the OpenID Providers table. You can enable or disable a provider with a simple click on the S (Status) icon, which shows its status: for enabled for disabled

To suspend the provider, click the Enabled icon. Accounts linked to this provider will not be able to log in to VoipNow with the corresponding OpenID identity.

To reactivate the provider, click the Disabled icon. Accounts linked to this provider will be able to log in again using the corresponding OpenID identity.

Remove provider

The default providers as well as those with active accounts cannot be deleted! The predefined providers cannot be removed. Any new provider can be set up later as long as the endpoint to the service is known.

To remove an OpenID provider:

  1. Select the provider from the table and click the Remove selected link to access the Removal Confirmation page.
  2. To finalize the removal, select the Confirm removal checkbox and click OK. To return to the previous page without making any modifications, click Cancel.

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