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This page contains instructions on how to configure an organization's web management interface to accommodate custom buttons.


You can customize the organization's web management interface functionality by adding custom buttons linked to specific URLs. The Custom Buttons for Account <organization_name> page allows you to:

  • view the list of Custom Buttons set up for the current organization
  • define a new button by clicking the Add custom button icon available in the Tools section
  • modify the existing custom buttons' settings
  • remove unused buttons from the system

Add custom buttons

To add a new button, go to Add Custom Button page and customize the following parameters:


The difference between the administrator's custom buttons and the organization's is the inheritance level. For the organization, only two levels are available:

0 – The button is visible only to the organization account. Inheritance level 0 represents the logged in account. For each child user, the level is incremented with 1.
– The button is visible to the organization and the user accounts.


The Customization section provides all the necessary information on the limits that apply in the case of organizations as well. To find out more on how you can manage an organization's custom buttons, check the Customization page.

To edit the parameters of the custom button, apply the same steps as described here.

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