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This page contains instructions on how to create a group where only certain users can share resources.


In VoipNow you can associate an organization's users in groups for sharing purposes.This way, with proper permissions are granted, group users will be able to share their call history, voicemails or call recordings.

The User Groups management page allows you to:

  • view the organization's user groups
  • define a new group
  • search for specific user groups
  • remove unnecessary groups

Add a new user group

To add a new user group:

  1. Click the Add user group icon available in the Tools section.
  2. Fill in the required information in the User group section:
    • Code: The unique code that identifies the user group.
    • Name: The user group's name.
    • Tags: The identification tag used for searching.
    • Users: Click the Change button to add/remove users to the group. A pop-up window is displayed, allowing you to select the desired accounts. Select the check box corresponding to the desired user(s) and click the Assign users link.
    • Description: A short comment regarding the user group.
  3. To create the group, click OK. To return to the previous page without adding the group, click Cancel.

Click the users group's name link to modify its settings. The Edit User Group <group_name> page allows you to update the group's members and the other settings. For more information, see the Add a New User Group section.

Enable/Disable user group

All user groups are listed in a table. You can enable or disable a specific user group with a click on the S (Status) icon: for enabled for disabled

A disabled user group cannot be used in resource sharing.

Search for a user group

The User Group table allows you to filter the existing user groups using their name or tags. For this just enter the name of the user group are its associated tags in the text box located above the table and click the Search button.

The system will remember the criteria when a new search is performed and even after the user logs out.

Remove a user group

To remove a certain user group:

  1. Select its corresponding checkbox.
  2. Click the Remove selected link at the right of the table.
  3. Select the Confirm removal checkbox and click OK. Click Cancel if you want to return to the previous page without deleting these records.

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