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This page describes how Service Providers can create account aliases that other people can use to log in and manage VoipNow.  These account aliases are called login accounts.


The login account inherits the permissions of the legitimate Service Provider, and has full access to their management levels. This setting is particularly useful for Service Providers who need to delegate management responsibilities or simply want to grant other people the same level of visibility and management over VoipNow's communication flows, usage, administration, and users. 

To create and manage login accounts, open VoipNow's web management interface. Go to the Management Tools page and click on Login Accounts, under Accounts. This will open the Login Accounts Management page. 

Please note that login accounts cannot edit or delete the Service Provider's original account. However they can create and manage other login accounts, if necessary.

Create login accounts

To create a login account:

  1. Click on the Add Login Accounts button and fill in the required fields: First name, Last name, Username, Password, and Email address. Please note that the email address can contain characters from any official language script. Domain names that contain these special, so called non-ASCII, characters are called Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs). VoipNow supports IDNs.
  2. Ensure you've confirmed the password and click OK when you're done.

Once you've created the login account, pass the account credentials (username and password) to the person for whom you created the account. They will need them to be able to log in to the VoipNow web interface.

You can create as many login accounts as necessary.

All accounts are all listed in the Login Accounts table you can find at the bottom of the Login Accounts Management page. 

For details on the web interface sessions of all the login accounts you have created, go to Unified Communications → Monitoring → Web Interface Sessions.

Disable login accounts

If you need to suspend management permissions for a "temporary" service provider, you can simply disable their login account. 

Go to the Login Accounts table and click the icon under the column. The icon shows the status of the account (enabled/disabled).

To reactivate the account, click on the  icon. This will allow login accounts to access VoipNow just like before.

Delete login accounts

You can delete login accounts at any time. Just select the account from the Login Accounts table, then press the Remove Selected button on the top right.

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