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This page contains instructions on how to match a service provider's calls to a certain period of time using the Time Intervals feature.


Time intervals can only be seen by the account owner who has created them.

The other system users have access only to the properties of the time intervals directly associated with their accounts. For example, if a service provider was created with a charging plan that has a specific time interval, the other system users can see the properties of that particular time interval.

A service provider can see their own time intervals as well as those created by its organizations. To be able to see the time intervals defined on an organization account, a service provider needs to enter an organization context. In the Time Intervals Management page, you will be able to:

  • view the matching intervals for the current account
  • define a new interval
  • search the time intervals list
  • edit an existing time interval
  • remove unused time intervals

Add new time intervals

To add a new time interval, click the Add Time Interval icon available in the Tools section. The Add New Time Interval(s) page allows you to fill in the information required to define a new matching interval. The customizable parameters are grouped into two sections:

  • Time Interval Definition
  • Matching Intervals

You can read more about it in the Manage Time Intervals section.

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